Planeteer FAQs

Often when women first approach Planet Nation, they're not really sure what to expect, so we've created this frequently asked questions page to answer some of the more common questions.

Planeteers are the terms we have for our volunteers. Women volunteer with Planet Nation for a number of reasons, including meeting other women, learning new skills or just giving back to their community.


Q. How much time do I have to commit?

A: That is up to you! We understand that life commitments change, and that availability changes. We work with a number of women to allow flexibility. Engage as and when you can. All we ask is that if you are working on something specific and you can't complete it, that you let us know asap so that we can reallocate the task.

Q. Do I have to go out to be a Planeteer?

A: Not at all! We have a variety of Planeteer opportunities. Whilst some of our Planeteers are social, others have other interests such as writing, books, film. We find out what your interests are and work with you to find the perfect role.

Q. How do you engage with Planeteers?

A: We have a WhatsApp group for each local Planeteer group where we list local opportunities and interact. We also have a task app where you can log what you have done for Planet Nation. Each task earns karma points, and point equal prizes!

Q. What kind of roles do you have?

A: Our roles are as diverse as our community. We are also always reviewing our offering so if you think you can add something, get in touch and suggest it!

Social Planeteers:

  • Birmingham
  • Brighton
  • Bristol
  • Cardiff
  • Glasgow
  • Hastings
  • Kent
  • London
  • Manchester

Cultural Planeteers:

  • Film
  • TV
  • Web series
  • Theatre
  • Books
  • Food

Journalistic Planeteers:

  • Top tips
  • general views
  • educational
  • thematic bloggers (sexuality, gender, nationality, etc)

Other Planeteers:

If you want to expand your experience in a particular area such as website maintenance, social media, marketing, graphic design then get in touch as we offer internships. We have provided references for Planeteers in the past and helped them move into new careers.

Why LBQ and not LGBT?

LGBT refers to lesbian, gay, bisexual,  and transgendered. The G is generally used to refer to male and the T is male and female. Planet London creates content of interest to women. We focus on our content on sexual orientation rather than gender when discussing our target audience. LBQ stands for lesbian, bisexual and queer. We believe that this is inclusive of all of the members of our target audience. Trans women who use Planet London will most likely to lesbian or bi women and we aim to be progressive and lead by example by being inclusive rather than segretating trans women. In our views, they are part of our community and are fully included within the LBQ community.

What does CIS mean?

If you hear people referring to cis male or cis female (mainly being used in the queer community), it refers to a person who is currently living as the same gender to which they were born.

What is Planet Nation's strapline?

The ultimate guide to LBQ life across the nation.

Why did Planet Nation launch?

In 2009 Katie and Naomi decided on an idea to have a website that listed all of the events in London for lesbian women. A lot of our friends were complaining of the lack of scene. It was more that there was no reliable source. We came up with a name, and a logo. Then we got busy. In late 2010, our friend came to use to discuss the need for a website which listed what was on in London for lesbian women. We showed her our bare bones, and decided we needed to crack on! We spent a few months collating information and in March 2011 we officially put the Planet London website out there as an events calendar and listings directory. In 2016 Katie left the business, and Naomi re-launched as Planet Nation with a national focus, and we haven't looked back!

What is the best way to describe what Planet Nation is in one sentance?

A listings and lifestyle website with a comprehensive events calendar for your social needs alongside a wealth of blog articles and community content.