Planeteers are what we call volunteers who support Planet Nation. In exchange for this support, we offer:

  • skills (social media, website management, graphic design, marketing)
  • social (isn't it easier to approach women when you have something to talk about!)
  • experience (let us know what you want to learn and we'll help - we'll even provide a reference)
  • gifts (any time we can find something nice to give you, we will!)
  • community (all of our Planeteers are part of our local and national WhatsApp groups)

PlaneteersPlaneteers at L Fest Some of the Planeteers at Planet HQ in October 2017

We have a number of different types of Planeteers.

Planeteer - writer Planeteer - reviewer Planeteer - socialiser

Planeteer - content manager Planeteer - ambassador Planeteer - stickerer

A bit more about these Planeteers


A writer will write articles for Planet Nation. These could be general opinion pieces, or themed articles. Sometimes we get ad hoc writers and we also have a bank of regular writers. Writers tend to write on a particular topic that they are interested in.

All writers have articles credited to them so this is a great way to build up a portfolio and is ideal for any LBQ women looking to get into journalism.

Vacancies: we are particularly in need of book reviewers, film reviewers, webseries reviewers, music reviewers and gig reviewers.


A reviewer writes experience articles, for example of review of a night out or a festival.

Often we are able to arrange free entry in exchange for these reviews.

Vacancies: we particularly need more reviewers in Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Kent, Cardiff and Brighton


A socialiser will attend an event and act as a friendly and approachable face for women attending on their own. These are particularly needed at festivals and Pride events, or when Planet Nation supports socials. It is a great way to meet women as you have a reason to approach them and something to start the conversation. We find a lot of single women enjoy this role and it helps to build their confidence.

Vacancies: this role is fairly quiet over winter but register early as this is our most popular role!

Content manager

A content manager is a more seasoned or experienced Planeteer, or one of our Planeteers looking to gain specific experience on website management. Although these roles are voluntary, there are occasional bonuses and also mentoring and references are provided.

Vacancies: we are seeking content managers for key areas that are building up in interest, including film & tv, webseries and books.


An ambassador actively supports Planet Nation on a day-to-day basis. These planeteers are often planeteers in other areas as well. They love what we do and want to help us to reach as many women as possible.

Ambassadors like and share Planet Nation tweets; they like, comment and share Planet Nation Facebook posts. Some Planeteers also talk about Planet Nation when out and about in the community. Ambassadors may also be seen sporting Planet Nation merchandise such as side bags and t-shirts from time to time!

Vacancies: we always need more ambassadors, you can't have too many!


A stickerer goes to pride events and festivals and puts stickers onto as many women as possible! This is a great way to meet women, have fun and have a purpose at pride events.

Vacancies: With hundreds of pride events up and down the country and many on the same weekend, we are always in need of more stickerers!