Planet Nation Committee

From the second half of 2018, Planet Nation is looking to form a committee. We have always run the website for the community, and been as broad and inclusive as possible. As the community grows and grows, more and more is on offer and it is harder and harder to keep on top of this with a small group of volunteers.

In addition, as the community broadens in its makeup, we are keen to ensure that it is guided and populated by a wide range of cis and trans LBQ women to truly reflect our awesome community.

So we are looking to recruit a few posts. At present these are all voluntary roles, however if the committee are successful, this may be able to change in the future.

At present suggested roles are built around the existing structure and content on the website. If you can see a gap and you think you would be the right person to fill it, then do get in touch as we would love to expand the content and also have your ideas!

We welcome interest from all LBQ, no matter of their age, location or experience. We are proud that we offer support and growth opportunities, and we will be mentoring and supporting all those who join. Previously we have helped some of our previous planeteers to learn new skills, gain experience and given references which have led to new careers. We believe in empowering and supporting women and you can expect this from Planet Nation if you join us.

We invite women from all over the UK, as most 'meetings' will utilise technology and be in the form of calls, group chats and video meetings.

If you don't want to be on the committee, we still have volunteer opportunities. Details of these planeteer roles can be found here.


Events, Books, TV, Film, Media (web series, videos, adverts), Theatre, Music, Health & Wellbeing, Food & Drink, Families and lifestyle, Travel & Holidays

Editors will be responsible for content under their given section. This doesn't mean that they need to locate and write it all. They will have access to the group of Planeteers, the editors group and also the social media channels to do call outs for article submissions. 

Strategic Roles

Marketing & communications, fundraising, PR, sponsorship, advertising, social media, events

We are particularly looking for women with experience of any of the above areas. This will form a strategic committee who will help Planet Nation to grow, and hopefully be more sustainable. This group will help to steer the content, look and feel going forward and help to ensure that Planet Nation is reaching as many LBQ women as possible.


Please drop us an email stating your name, location, key skills and the role(s) you are interested in. Please also give me a little introduction to you, your interests and the time committment you think you can offer.