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Faking It Fo' Realsies! SEASON 2 AND 3 JUST ANNOUNCED

Hold the phone. MTV's Hottest LBQ Romantic Comedy is RETURNING... and we're so excited, we almost choked on our doughnuts. *Sorry, Amy.

Free up your diary and rally your friends for August this year, coz Faking It's concluding half to Season 2 is arriving hot off the press.

Finally, the cliff-hangers will drop! (We hope)...


To make this sweet news EVEN sweeter, MTV have just confirmed plans for a SEASON 3. Double yay! 

Our TV line-up is shaping up nicely for the Summer: OITNB AND Faking It. What could be better?

How about a strange, new prison-come-high-school-crossover, where Alex helps Amy discover her true sexuality...?#GetEllenOnThePhone #OnSecondThoughts...

Stay tuned for the trailerIt's intense.

Who are you guys shipping? 


Oranges are BACK in season on 12th June #OrangeIsTheNewBlack #CountdownToSeason3

Things get juicy 2 months today...