The ultimate guide to making the most of BFI Flare 2018

London Queer Christmas is just around the corner – that time when all queer women flock to the Southbank for 10 days and take over. For the duration of BFI Flare, BFI Southbank becomes an LGBTQ+ mecca, a safe space to socialise, meet friends old and new, to watch a wide range of awesome films and to party the night away.

This is one of my favourite events on the calendar, as it truly brings the community together.

The BFI Programme for 2018 has been released, and alongside our festival overview and top tips on various themes, I’ve also reviewed the programme and helped you to work out how to see all of the films with queer women on screen without taking 10 days of annual leave.

This article was so popular last year that it is back again!

So whether you are planning to see the film, or just want to know which doors to hang around outside to meet other queer women, this schedule will help you to make the most of BFI Flare this year.

Date & Time



Other screenings

Wednesday 21 March, 18:15


My Days of Mercy

  • Wed 21 Mar, 20:50 NFT1
  • Thu 22 Mar, 15:50 NFT1

Thursday 22 March, 18:15


Sidney & Friends

  • Sun 25 Mar, 15:20 NFT2

Thursday 22 March, 20:50



  • Sat 24 Mar, 11:45 Studio

Friday 23 Mar, 18:30



  • Sat 24 March, 16:30 NFT2
  • Mon 26 Mar, 18:15 Studio

Friday 23 March, 20:40


The 34th

  • Sat 24 Mar, 11:50 NFT2

Saturday 24 Mar, 11:40



  • Fri 23 March, 18:30 NFT2

Saturday 24 March, 13:50


Brown is the Warmest Colour (shorts)

  • Fri 23 Mar, 18:15 NFT3

Saturday 24 Mar, 15:40


Materialising Masculinities (shorts)

  • Sun 25 March, 13:50 Studio

Saturday 24 March, 18:15


Marika Missio

  • Fri 23 Mar, 14:00 NFT2

Saturday 24 March, 20:30


The Carmilla Movie

  • Fri 23 Mar, 20:50 NFT1

Sunday 25 March, 13:30


Fighters of Demons, Makers of Cakes (shorts)


Sunday 25 March, 16:00


You Can’t Always Get What You Want (shorts)

  • Fri 30 Mar, 18:20 Studio

Sunday 25 March, 18:10



  • Mon 26 Mar, 16:00 NFT3

Sunday 25 March, 20:30


Love, Simon

  • Mon 26 Mar, 13:50 NFT1

Monday 26 March, 18:20


Radfem/Trans: A Love Story


Monday 26 March, 20:45


A Deal With the Universe

  • Wed 28 Mar, 18:40 Studio
  • Sat 31 Mar, 14:00 Studio

Tuesday 27 March, 20:50


The Feels

  • Wed 28 Mar, 15:50 NFT1

Wednesday 28 March, 18:15



  • Fri 30 Mar, 16:20 NFT2

Wednesday 28 March, 20:20



  • Fri 30 Mar, 13:30 NFT2

Thursday 29 March, 18:30



  • Sat 31 Mar, 16:00 NFT3

Thursday 29 March, 20:45


Quiet Heroes

  • Sat 31 Mar, 18:40 NFT2

Friday 30 March, 18:15


Southern Pride

  • Sat 31 Mar, 16:20 NFT2

Saturday 31 March, 12:00


Sometimes you Get What You Need (shorts)

  • Fri 30 Mar, 13:40 NFT1

Screen information

NFT1 is the largest screen so ticket availability is normally pretty good (although Ellen Page could change that this year!). The Studio is the smallest space, so if you want tickets to a screening in the Studio, don’t delay or you face disappointment.

Opening Gala Film

If you want to get a ticket to the opening film, these normally sell out during the members window. Membership for 12 months is £40 (or £35 if you go green don’t get paper through the post). It is worthwhile getting this membership as you get £1.50 off all IMAX tickets all year round, £2 off most ticket prices (not festival tickets), plus no booking fees. BFI has an LGBT screening every month in addition to various other themed screenings.

Ticket prices

  • BFI Members £6.50-£14.20
  • Non-Members £8-£14.20
  • Student BFI Members £6.50-£14.20
  • Student non-Members £8-£14.20
  • Opening and Closing Night Gala premieres £15.20

25 & under discounted tickets

  • Tickets on the door for £3*
  • On sale 45 mins before advertised start time for non-Gala films.

*In person at the venue with ID only, subject to availability, first come, first served and excluding Opening and Closing Night Galas. One ticket per customer.


Each day there is a returns queue 45 minutes before a screening so it is always worth visiting the box office on the day if you didn’t get a ticket to something you really want to see. There is also a second release of tickets on Thursday 15 March.

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The full festival programme

The full 2018 BFI Flare programme is available here, but highlights of additional activities to the film screenings include:

  • Talks with established film and television professionals who are leading the way in LGBTQ+ representation on screen.
  • Workshops and Labs focusing on creating LGBTQ+ media with specific sessions around challenges in development, funding and exhibition.
  • Networking opportunities throughout the Festival with a range of receptions with film and television professionals included in the Delegate Package. 

BFI Flare London LGBT Film Festival 2018About BFI Flare

BFI Flare: London LGBT Film Festival, formerly known as the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, is the biggest LGBT film festival in Europe. It takes place every spring in London, England


  • Champions can book tickets from 27 February (from 11:30)
  • Members can book tickets from 28 February (from 11:30)
  • General Public can book tickets from 5 March (from 11:30)

Box Office 020 7928 3232

Membership benefits:

  • Save 15% on film rentals once you’ve registered your Membership number on your account.
  • Save 15% on our great selection of film products when you flash your Membership card in store or whenever you log in.
  • Priority booking to BFI Flare 7 days before general release.
  • Enjoy £1.50 off most IMAX tickets.
  • Save 10% on food and drink at benugo bar & kitchen and the Riverfront.
  • Enjoy 2 BFI Southbank ticket vouchers.
  • No booking fees for BFI Festivals and BFI Southbank.

Paperfree membership is £35 by direct debit (digital festival guides), standard membership is £40 by direct debit.