Fringe! Film Festival returns for 2018

This November, Fringe! returns for its eighth year with a diverse, provocative and outrightly political programme of film screenings alongside workshops, panels and parties, transforming venues across East London over six days.

From 13 to 18 November Fringe! Film Festival brings us film, art and culture with drag kings, club nights and films which show our lesbian lives on screen in various forms.

At Planet Nation we know we're all about the ladies, so these are our top 12 picks for this year:

K.O.C Drag King Cabaret at Fringe! 2018

K.O.C Drag King Cabaret (performance)
Wednesday 14 November, 8pm @ The Glory | £5

Drag king super star Zayn Phallik curates this drag king selection box showcasing the capital's best "Kings of Colour". Drag kings are one of the biggest sensations to have broken out of London's LGBTQI performance landscape in recent years and KOC Cabaret has been storming the scene, bringing some much needed colour.
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A Winter to Remember at Fringe! 2018A Winter To Remember (film)
Wednesday 14 November, 9pm @ Genesis Cinema | £8.50 / £7.50 concs

Bring those wintry lezzy feels over to our warming Fringe! bosom for this heartwarming rom-com. Cecilia Venezuela Gioia’s touching romance tells the story of Lucia, who is withdrawn from friends and family, and anxious to the point of panic attacks as her feelings of otherness develop. Olivia is a carefree spirit, who pushes Lucia to experience the life she really wants. Set in urban Argentina, this is the ultimate lesbian romance: relive those moments in life where we encourage each other to live more fully and freely.
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The Rest - Make Up at Fringe! 2018The Rest | Make Up (cinema)
Thursday 15 November, 6.30pm @ Barbican Cinema | £10.50 / £9.50 concs

Pioneering avantgarde playwright and director Maria Irene Fornes may be better known for her relationship with Susan Sontag but she is considered, by some, to be one of the most influential playwrights and teachers of the 20thcentury. A chance meeting with documentary filmmaker Michelle Memran, leads to a tender and inspiring portrait of Irene's later years as she faces the challenges of memory loss, in much the same way she lived her life; with humour, creativity, style and sass. Throughout their developing working relationship, Irene mentors Michelle, guiding her through the same creative process she applied to her own work encouraging vulnerability, transparency and creative free-thinking. An inspiring lesson in the way of the artist. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with the filmmaker.
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Female Trouble Clubnight @ Fringe! 2018Female Trouble (clubnight)
Thursday  15 November, 8pm @ Dalston Superstore | FREE

A night celebrating trash. A night celebrating rebellion. A night where the ladies of Dalston Superstore get to do what the fuck they want! Welcome to our special Thursday night for ladies who love ladies… FEMALE TROUBLE! Celesbian promoter Celeste Guinness presents a night of rotating hot female DJ talent to get the ladies of East London moving. Fierce femmes unite for a night of John Waters-inspired debauchery!
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Transgeek @ Fringe! 2018Transgeek (film)
Saturday 17 November, 1pm @ Hackney House | £6

Transgeek brings in a wonderful diversity of Trans voices and their experiences across tech culture, gaming, fantasy and sci-fi. Across actions like online forums, avatars, new readings of fantasy texts,  and inclusive hacking conventions we see Trans folk, like all marginalised communities use their passions to dismantle and reconstruct systems that never imagined people like them. There is also the uphill struggle fighting for their rights in the macho tech workplace where Trans people are often invisibilised, bullied and intimidated. An illuminating, enriching watch about the intersection between gender identity and geek culture whether you’re a DnD aficionado or a complete muggle.
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Rituals for Change @ Fringe! 2018Rituals For Change + Ripples (film)
Saturday 17 November, 1pm @ Hackney House | £6

Rituals for Change: A film based on the performances of Emma Frankland as she pounds clay, throws pots, pours salt and makes rituals using a variety of materials to visually explore gender transition and the fluid notion of change. How does change happen and at what point in the process does something stop being one thing and become the other? The radical act is to exist, to allow people to see these bodies and to allow ourselves to heal.

Ripples: A contemplation on movement, stagnation, the fluidity of gender and the boundaries of masculinity; explored through physical movement, style representation, natural forms and video collage. 
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Dykes, Camera, Action at Fringe! 2018Dykes, Camera, Action (film)
Saturday 17 November, 1.30pm @ Rio Cinema | £11.50 / £9.50 concs

Dykes, Camera, Action! is the definitive story of lesbian cinema from America. Think the celluloid closet but with a feminine focus, as well as a focus on the emergence of the gorgeous queer image and story onscreen, rather than its omission. Sit back and enjoy a joy-ride through lesbian cinema of the 20th century, and the 21st. Where are we now? Remember how you felt when High Art came out?! Amassing some of the best-known names in lesbian film: Rose Troche, Barbara Hammer, Cheryl Dunye, Desirée Akhavan; as well as pinpointing some important moments in the lesbian lineage that may be stirring to today’s generation. What is the story of the lesbian on film, when lesbians are also behind the camera?
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Shakedown @ Fringe! 2018Shakedown (film)
Saturday 17 November, 4pm @ Rio Cinema | £11.50 / £9.50 concs

This is a triumphantly lesbian documentary, charting the history of a Los Angeles strip club; created for women of colour, by women of colour. Shakedown is both dope-tempered and energetic. Leilah Weinraub's confident and assured filmmaking features several years’ of footage, documenting Shakedown nights throughout the late nineties and early noughties – the women who performed and the women who watched. Weinraub, both documentarian and club member, appears sporadically; interviewing the performers, organisers and club staff; an eclectic mix of queer women of colour and a range of female identified people from studs to femmes. A raw, smokey blend of the personal and political set against the backdrop of a politically charged LA following the protest over the filmed violation of Rodney King and the OJ case. We see shocking moments of power exerted by the police, but also genuine heart from the families and community  that were created thanks to Shakedown. This is a documentary that helps us process the early 2000s, celebrates female desire and motivate us to fight for the spaces that keep it burning.
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Broad Appeal @ Fringe! 2018Broad Appeal Live (performance)
Saturday 17 November, 7.30pm @ Hackney House | FREE

Do you stan for Julianne? Are you batshit for Bassett? Do you care for Cher? Do you weep for Streep? Are you fond o’ Jane?? Fringe! is excited to present the first live edition of the cult queer film podcast, Broad Appeal. Co-hosted by Seán McGovern and Brian Mullin, two obsessive actressexuals who bring a combination of mild absurdism and insightful analysis to female-driven films. Broad Appeal celebrates not only actresses, but relating to female characters in the way that emotionally sensitive gay boys so often do. For the first LIVE show, Seán and Brian will be joined by three special female guest panellists, each championing, celebrating or rehabilitating an actress’s body of work. With the final result calculated the old fashioned way: the applause-o-meter. Expect laughs, quotes, clips and lifelong friendships! This is Broad Appeal...LIVE!
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Re-Write the Ending - Shorts @ Fringe! 2018Re-Write the Ending (short films)
Saturday 17 November, 9pm @ Hackney House | FREE

Lesbians have long suffered terrible fates in the plots of film and TV that just can’t seem to let us have a happy ending. This programme of shorts challenges the common tropes to imagine what could have been, what we are fighting for now, and alternatives to the usual narrative.
Films: Pool, Tales from Pussy Willow - Parents Chat, Gloucester City-My Town, I Think We're Alone Now, Nina, REAL, The World Can Wait and Heal
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26 De Diciembre @ Fringe! 201826 De Diciembre (film)
Sunday 18 November, 3pm @ Hackney House | £6

A portrait of everyday life for an elderly LGBT community in Madrid. The residents’ different stories show aspects of the social situation and the needs of LGBT elderly people in Spain. Four former drag performers performed as ‘Las Roseras’ during Franco’s dictatorship in Madrid and Barcelona: a time when prosecution and violence was an everyday problem. Their memories and those of the other residents highlight the importance of demanding recognition for social rights, the crucial need for social housing and the different ways that love can be understood.
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Wild Nights With Emily @ Fringe! 2018Wild Nights With Emily (film)
Sunday 18 November 2018, 8.30pm @ Genesis Cinema

Emily Dickinson is depicted as a hermit spinster by the cis-het male-dominated literary establishment that controlled both history and the publishing of her work (or lack thereof), but Molly Shannon’s star turn as the brilliant, quirky sapphic sister changes everything in this period drama with a difference. Defiant and charming, this version of Emily and her passionate affair with sister-in-law Susan brings new meaning to the verse “I taste a liquor never brewed.”
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