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Is Monogamy Dead? Review of Rosie Wilby’s book and show.

Posted by Maz RainbowMedia on 03 March 2019

Is Monogamy Dead? Review of Rosie Wilby’s fantastic show and book. 




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Book Review - Tiny Mirrors by Gabriella Meghan

Posted by annemag on 12 November 2018

My method for reading poetry is fairly stable. Especially work from a poet who is unknown to me. I read it all through once quickly. I’m picking up on language use, on rhyme, on rhythm, and on the use of language but only at a superficial level. I then reread a day or two later and take my time. I look again at poems that stand out to me – and these might be different every time I read the collection – and then I think about what the words are actually saying to me. The beauty of poetry to me is that I have no way of knowing if what I am “hearing” is what the poet actually meant to say to me. That to me is the point of good poetry. I can read my emotions and my pain into someone else’s words and find solace, or joy, or a sense of not being alone.

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Book Review: Alice by Sam Skyborne

Posted by Planet Nation on 06 September 2018

“ of the best endings to a novel I have read in a long time. Full of suspense and mystery.”

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How to Transform Your School into an LGBT+ Friendly Place

Posted by Planet Nation on 19 April 2018

How to transform your school into an LGBT+ friendly place: A practical guide for nursery, primary and secondary teachers is a new book that has been released from Dr Elly Barnes, CEO and Founder of LGBT+ charity Educate & Celebrate and Dr Anna Carlile, Senior Lecturer at Goldsmiths University in London.

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Book Review: A Heart in Two Cities

Posted by Amy Withnall on 17 April 2018

When asked to review this book I jumped at the chance, how could I not? Two fab authors working together, I couldn’t wait to get started.

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Book Review: The Amnesia Project by Barbara Winkes

Posted by annemag on 17 April 2018

I really enjoyed this book. There were several reasons - the story was different, the writing was up to the challenge of the complex plot and the timeliness of the central thesis. I have Barbara Winkes books on my Kindle but haven’t read them yet. They’ve climbed up the to TBR (to be read) pile now. As ever, there are no spoilers in this review.

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Book Review: Sisters of Spirit Trilogy by Yvonne Heidt

Posted by annemag on 17 April 2018

This is a series and you’re lucky if you haven’t read it yet as it means you won’t have to wait on tenterhooks for the newer books to be released. They’re all here!

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Welcome to the Reading Room

Posted by annemag on 26 February 2018

Welcome to the newly opened Reading Room on Planet Nation! Here we will gather every month and talk books. I love books, I love the smell of them, the feel of them and I love seeing them lined up nicely or just piled up on people’s shelves. Doesn’t matter if it’s matching leather bound editions of the classics or dog eared well thumbed thrillers. As long as folks love books they’re welcome here.

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Book review: Provincetown Series by Radclyffe

Posted by annemag on 21 January 2018

The crimes are part of the ongoing story, but the relationships are centre stage. 

Planteer Anne reviewed Radclyffe's Princetown series and thought of it a bit like the snuggly fleece and warm socks with the cocoa idea.

Five Stars for Radclyffe's Provincetown Series

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New Book Awards launching to 2018

Posted by Planet Nation on 31 December 2017

Lesfic is a booming area; both self-publishing, and the launch of several lesfic-specific publishing houses has resulted in this market expanding over the past 5 years. Across the world thousands of lesfic books are released every year in both e-book and print book format.

A new awards, The Lesfic Bard Awards has been announced, which is set to provide an opportunity to showcase many of these authors, and to help readers find books that interest them.

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Book Review: Risk by Sam Skybourne

Posted by Amy Withnall on 03 December 2017

Risk is a crime thriller detective novel with some lesbian romance thrown in, what more can you want from a book? There are so many twists and turns it is impossible to guess where it is going to end.

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Book Review: A Darker Kind of Love by Angela Peach

Posted by Amy Withnall on 15 September 2017

A Darker Kind of Love is exactly what it says on the tin. Hanna is still living with her crazy ex-girlfriend Mel, but there’s a twist, Mel is a ghost. Hanna meets Sophie and they fall hopelessly head over heels in love. Can Hanna get rid of Mel, persuade her to move on so that her and Sophie can get the happy ending they both want?

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Book Review of Razor's Edge by Isabella

Posted by annemag on 02 June 2017

This is the third book in the American Yakuza series by Isabella. Luce Potter is running her grandfather’s empire and trying to move more into legal operations but life – as usual – gets in the way.

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Book Review of The Girl on the Edge of Summer by J M Redmann (Micky Knight Series)

Posted by annemag on 06 May 2017

The Girl on the Edge of Summer is the ninth book in the Micky Knight series. I have to say up front that I love Micky Knight. I am well aware that she is a fictional character and I don't think she's real (not like the woman I used to work with who knitted baby clothes and sent them whenever a baby was born on Coronation Street). I wouldn't want to be in a relationship with her either - way too stressful. 

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Book Review of Everything Between Us by Harper Bliss

Posted by carriec on 19 April 2017

Everything Between Us is the 3rd book in the Pink Bean Series but can be read as a stand alone book. Josephine is a graduate student who has a fan girl crush on Famous Author Caitlin James.

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Diva Literary Festival launches

Posted by Planet Nation on 07 April 2017

Diva Magazine continues to fly the flag for LBQ women across the UK and improve its offering. The latest new event to be launched is the Diva Literary Festival.

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Book Review of The Playmaker by Lane Swift

Posted by carriec on 21 March 2017

I admit I was reluctant to read the book because I know nothing of rugby. I learned real quick rugby is the common denominator that brought the main characters together, not the main subject line of the story.

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Book Review of Between the Lines by KD Williamson

Posted by annemag on 21 March 2017

This is the third book in K D Williamson's "Cops and Docs" series and having enjoyed the other two, I picked this one up with high hopes. I was not disappointed.

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Book Review of Ishinnie by SJ Campbell

Posted by Amy Withnall on 16 March 2017

The book I always wanted to read and finally someone wrote it. 

A true love story with many twists and turns that kept me gripped throughout the whole book.

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Book Review of The U-Haul Diary by KB Draper

Posted by carriec on 13 March 2017

The U-haul Diary is honestly one of the funniest books I have ever read. K.B. Draper has a wit and quirkiness about her like none other. K.B.'s story telling abilities left me wanting to be her friend by the end of the book. She has to be a hoot in real life to write the way she does. 

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