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LGBT History Month & Rainbow Hamlets

Posted by Planet Nation on 04 February 2014

Rainbow Hamlets launches new LGBT services in East London — including domestic violence and hate crime casework — plus cutting edge heritage programme and historical resources. 

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Have Lesbians in London ever had it so good?

Posted by Naomi Bennett on 19 January 2014

Did you know that London has all of the following available at your fingertips?

  • 5 LBQ venues
  • over 5 radio and podcasts aimed at LBQ women
  • over 7 festivals specifically aimed at LBQ women across the world
  • over 25 LGBT venues
  • over 35 Meet Up groups full of lesbians taking control of their own social lives
  • over 100 events every month
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Diminishing LGBT visibility continues with the axe of an LGBT dedicated section in Time Out London

Posted by Editor on 20 December 2013

This morning Time Out London announced they are losing their dedicated LGBT listings and content section in both the print and online versions of their magazine. LGBT listings will be incorporated into other sections, but editor Paul Burston will no longer be the force behind the listings, reviews and our presence & visibility in the magazine. (Source: Guardian online).

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And the winner is... what the Planet London Ultimate Awards mean to us

Posted by Editor on 08 December 2013

When Naomi and I were driving round the west coast of America on our honeymoon this year, we first discussed the idea of running Planet London awards. 

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What's Your Label?

Posted by Planet Nation on 04 December 2013

“Un-Labelled” is the theme of this year’s TEDx Women conference in Covent Garden ( Author and inspiring speaker Yang-May Ooi will be closing the live event with her personal “coming out” story which is rich with universal themes. Here, she shares with Ultimate Planet what being Un-Labelled means to her.

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Femme lesbian visibility

Posted by Planet Nation on 02 December 2013

It was less than 9 months ago that Pink Lobster Dating launched in the UK.  When Juliette Prais created the company she wanted it to be a safe haven for Femme Lesbians to meet one another.  Now it also has regular Celebrity Interviews, a huge range of writers, advisors offering women one to one support and is constantly branching out. 

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Gay's the Word on all things LGBT literature

Posted by Planet Nation on 08 November 2013

Gay's The Word bookshop is one of the final few remaining LGBT orientated book shops in the country. It is home to keeping the LGBT literary scene alive for everyone interested

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Unequal stats for equal marriage?

Posted by Naomi Bennett on 17 October 2013

By the end of 2012 there were 120,908 people in same-sex unions, which is already “much higher” than the Government Equalities Office originally predicted: between 11,000 and 22,000 civil partners in Britain by 2010; there were already more than 79,000 at the start of that year - and now there are 10 times as many.

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Awards Season in the LGBT Community

Posted by Planet Nation on 07 October 2013

It’s awards season in the LGBT Community, and there are a range of opportunities to celebrate what and who makes being a lesbian great. Whilst not all offer public voting, many do. Some awards are lesbian/bi women specific. With categories From DJ of the year to Dating Service to Brand of the year, lesbians can nominate, vote, support their heroes, friends and the women and companies behind what makes a thriving scene, social and community for us all.

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Are you sure you're not pregnant?

Posted by Editor on 30 August 2013

I am so fed up having to explain to GPs and gynaecologists my justification for knowing, 100% for certain, that I am not pregnant. 

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Bar-bar-bar-bar-Barberette - now in East London hipsters

Posted by Planet Nation on 15 August 2013

Barberette, your gender neutral friendly barber has found a new hub of her own, situated in Hackney, East London (E5). Earlier this year, we visited the community-led "A Hair's Breadth Exhibition" inspired by the patrons in Barberette's hydrollic chair. Read our interview with Barberette.

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Is Print Dead? Long live the Internet

Posted by Editor on 02 August 2013

With the announcement of G3 Magazine publishing their last ever print magazine this month, we ask is print journalism still relevant for the lesbian and bi women community?

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Are you hAPPy with Brenda, LezFindr, Dattch & FindHrr? We tried and tested them all!

Posted by Planet Nation on 16 June 2013

These days most of us have a smartphone, it is surgically attached to us and we use it to communicate. Additionally we us social media. There are a number of apps now available for lesbians to find each other, so I've downloaded them, played about with them and have reviewed them here so you can choose the right one for you!

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But aren't we already friends?

Posted by Naomi Bennett on 16 June 2013

There is a big scam taking place on Facebook that could effect you. If you're on Facebook read on, and share with your friends too.

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5158 moles on the road with Katie and Naomi from Planet London

Posted by Naomi Bennett on 21 April 2013

Well, we're back (did you even know we were gone!!)

Katie and Naomi have just returned to the UK from our mega honeymoon travelling around the West Coast of the US.

In summary, we spent 600 hours together (only separating for restroom breaks - sound American much?!) over 25 days and drove 5158 miles!! This is our blog of our experiences.

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A strong, open and honest first step from London LGBT+ Community Pride

Posted by Naomi Bennett on 20 February 2013

Tonight we were invited along to Heaven who were hosting the first open meeting by London LGBT+ Community Pride. This was their first chance to show us that they were going to do us Proud in 2013 with our pride event, and they did not fail. The overall message was clear, concise and very honest. LCP have a huge challenge on their hands. They have 5 months to put together an event that normally takes 12. On top of that, they are starting from scratch in relation to finance, volunteers and resources. But they are positive, realistic and extremely open.

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What does Equal Marriage mean?

Posted by Planet Nation on 05 February 2013

Today, Tuesday 5 February 2013, in a landmark and media splashed vote, the House of Commons voted to pass the Government's Equal Marriage Bill. I am excited and although already civilly partnered I am excited that I could ask my wife again to "Marry Me" and have that mean something, and a change in the status of our relationship. It would be a political decision to "upgrade" our CP but one which I think is worth making.

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London LGBT+ Community Pride to manage Pride celebrations for the next five years

Posted by Planet Nation on 19 January 2013

London LGBT+ Community Pride, a Community Interest Company, is today celebrating a successful bid in the Greater London Authority’s tender process to manage the next five years of London’s Pride celebrations.

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Desperately Seeking Spraggan

Posted by Editor on 02 December 2012

This is the journey of Planet London trying to get an interview with our favourite reality TV Girl with a Guitar Lucy Spraggan.

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The Lesbian Factor

Posted by Editor on 13 October 2012

Well, well, well. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but where else will you get a full on, proud and hot lesbian performance like Lucy Spraggan's Gold Digger on X Factor this week?

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