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Every New Year I Choose Love over Fear, and It Makes All the Difference in Every Aspect of My Life

Posted by Emelina Minero on 01 January 2015

Every moment when I choose love over fear, I am transforming my life into a more peaceful existence. For the past five years, love has won out more than fear, and it has made all the difference.

All we have are moments. I try my best to make each one filled with love, and I invite you to join me. 

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Katie vs... 2014 (spoiler alert - Katie wins!)

Posted by Editor on 19 December 2014

Without wanting to be a giant cliche of positivity, I need to explain the "Vs" part of the title. It's not been all fun, fairy tales and frolics this year.

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Are you G-A-Y enough?

Posted by Planet Nation on 28 September 2014

It has never been a secret to me that many a straight person has been refused entry to all G-A-Y premises. Even a lot of "feminine" looking lesbians have been refused entry and actually told "you're not gay" by bouncers. This is a joke for many reasons... 

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Proof is in the authentic pudding - and everyone get's their just desserts

Posted by Naomi Bennett on 13 August 2014

I am out at work, at home, in life – in fact I now could never have it any other way. I like that I know myself, and that everyone knows me. In fact I take that lesson and I try to make my community a better place, the world a more tolerant place and I lead by example in everything I do. 

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Positive Change Arts - making a difference

Posted by Editor on 15 July 2014

Kerry Rush runs Positive Change Arts, a community organisation supporting the wellbeing of young women and men, in particular survivors of domestic and sexual abuse who have had interactions with the criminal justice system.

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Other than Motherhood - Celebrating womanhood

Posted by Editor on 30 June 2014

To coincide with the release of her new novel On the  Far Side There's a boy - which takes a reflective lens of the notion of womanhood, as it was in the 80s and how it is now. Part epistolary in form, and full of wonderful creative characters from the vibrant London eighties drag scene, as well as a cultural exposure of Sri Lankan turmoil from a child's eye, this novel explores what womanhood is within a multi-cultural diverse cross spectrum of social constructs. 

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Dare2Care Releases an Anti-Bullying Campaign that's Opening Up Dialogue about Identity

Posted by Anonymous (not verified) on 22 May 2014

High school can be a minefield of insults and painful experiences, especially for kids on the receiving end of LGBT-targeted bullying. Thrown at any kid who is different, and who may or may not be queer, these kinds of homophobic comments refuse to go away, despite the increased visibility, acceptance and understanding of queer identities in the media. 

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The Dorchester, Stonewall & the social media backlash

Posted by Planet Nation on 19 May 2014

Stonewall use the argument that rather than boycotting, they are wanting to work with the hotel chain to create a safer environment for LGBT people in Brunei. They also say, in the article, "I do not believe the somewhat beleaguered Christopher Cowdray, Chief Executive of the Collection, can somehow influence the implementation of Sharia criminal code in Brunei. He can’t."

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Facebook freezing us out

Posted by Naomi Bennett on 08 May 2014

For the second time this week I have seen a rather worrying post - people who used to be able to reach their customers struggling to do so. So what has happened and how does this effect you as an LBQ woman who uses Facebook?

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She4Me - the mass equal marriage campaign project gathers support globally #LoveIsLove

Posted by Editor on 05 May 2014

Watch the video below or at Singer-Songwriter Jen Foster gave her song and her time to be the soundtrack to the campaign and the music behind the story of two women who fall in love and get married. Foster appears in the video as the “Wedding Singer.” 

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Planet London 4 "SHE 4 ME"

Posted by Planet Nation on 03 May 2014

Here are Planet London, we are standing up and supporting our US LGBT family, as well as all of our LGBT brothers and sisters around the world who aren't as lucky as we are now here in the UK, to say NOW is the time for same-sex marriage to be legal EVERYWHERE.

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Last Friday Night

Posted by Naomi Bennett on 29 April 2014

Planet London has been working with event organisers now for nearly 3 years. We have been helping in a variety of ways from just listing events, to running promotional campaigns, to providing consultancy services and training on how to promote an event to the LBQ community. Since we launched in 2011 the number of events available in London has increased significantly. Whilst there are still some gaps (more nights for the 30+ market are definitely required) the scene is definitely on the up. The best thing is it isn't all about quantity. We are also seeing more being added to nights. Club nights such as Bridge Girls LateBoi BoxWotever andDownGirls are offering entertainment so the price of entry really does go a long way.

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Marriage Equality - Sandi & Debbie Toksvig say I Do

Posted by Planet Nation on 30 March 2014

A heartfelt thanks to Sandi and Debbie for allowing us to witness their union, for enabling us to be a part of history and join together to celebrate equality finally being granted. It was a punch-the-air moment, the happy ending we all hope for, the proof that dreams really can come true. This was truly their day, but now this is definitely our time...

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A great day for a gay wedding!

Posted by Naomi Bennett on 28 March 2014

The day has finally come. In less than 1 hours time, equal marriage is coming into force in England.

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SHE4ME and... Cathy DeBuono

Posted by Editor on 23 March 2014

Cathy's involvement in SHE4ME is through her established friendship with Nicole Conn and Jen Foster. As a wedding guest, more of an "ancilliary supportive presence", Cathy had the opportunity to stand back and watch the production create Nicole Conn's "beautiful, dreamy vision".

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SHE4ME Love Warriors #LoveIsLove

Posted by Editor on 17 March 2014

The Love Warriors - the thousands of women being active on social media - are a key part of getting the video and the message out there. As the stars of the video put it, 

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SHE4ME and Nicole Conn

Posted by Editor on 09 March 2014

What Marriage Equality would mean for Nicole and indeed "all of us", is "humanity acknowledging we are humans with the same rights as straight people". As Nicole puts it,
"love between any two people is acceptable and society – every soul deserves that right."

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SHE4ME and Jen Foster

Posted by Editor on 07 March 2014

Jen and Sue took the decision to align with Marriage Equality, the organisation, and also to be patient in waiting for things to come together to make a special video that would really be a "statement". It was not always a straightforward process to get supporters on board and keep them on board and wait for things to fall in place, but well worth the wait in our opinion. 

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SHE 4 ME & Nicole Pacent

Posted by Editor on 04 March 2014

Nicole talks about her "inspiring" fan base and some of the horrors LGBT people face around the world, with homosexuality  being illegal, let alone a fight for equal marriage.

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She4Me - the mass equal marriage campaign project gathers support globally #LoveIsLove

Posted by Editor on 22 February 2014

Watch the video below or at Singer-Songwriter Jen Foster gave her song and her time to be the soundtrack to the campaign and the music behind the story of two women who fall in love and get married. Foster appears in the video as the “Wedding Singer.” 

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