Website launched to record LGBT history plus a BBC documentary

As well as a BBC documentary which you could feature in, 7Wonder are collecting everyone's memories in an incredible online archive that may feature as an exhibition in the Tate Modern and Manchester Museum this year. They want to include as many recollections as possible, so please do spread the word and get uploading!

Have you still got photographs, footage, historic documents, diary entries club flyers or anything that has helped define your life as an LGBT+ person over the past 50 years? 

Tell 7wonder your story. Upload your story using the button above or email

You could also be featured on a BBC FOUR series in 2017!

Five Decades of LGBT+ life in Britain told by the people who lived it.

The BBC in collaboration with the Open University is crowdsourcing photos, memories, film footage, historic documents, club flyers, outfits, protest banners, posters, music, diary entries and much more to help tell the story of 50 momentous years for LGBT+ people in Britain.

Do you have arrest documents before 1967, when loving someone could send you to jail? Or post-1967? Or the banner you took to your first Pride? A letter you wrote to come out to your family? The person, place, book, music, or film that made you think it’s actually ok to gay? Posters of your first pop star crush? Early leaflets about HIV/AIDS? Club flyers and amazing outfits?

7Wonder will be making a BBC television series based around some of the stories, objects and memories.

Click here to upload your memory or email