Martial arts for LGBT people

Jai Chan currently teaches the LGBT Martial Art in London to various LGBT groups, including university societies.

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As we love to empower women, to promote women and to connect women in our community, sharing Jai's class with our readers was an obvious thing to do. A safe space, empowering women and supporting our fellow women.

We caught up with Jai to find out more.

Why did you set up Jai’s Martial Arts Institute?

Jai showing a martial arts move

For many years, I have been active in volunteering and charity work. The nature of the work involved helping people from all kinds of background: victims of domestic abuse, women’s group, paralympic wheelchair racer, deaf children, refugee kids and the LGBT community. Naturally, I was exposed to some of the problems you see when you work alongside those who have gone through mishaps and in them, I feel strongly that everybody is equal and deserves equal opportunity. I was fortunate enough to be able to introduce and teach martial arts to some of these groups of people. I found that my self-defence classes had the effect of empowering my student in mind and body and helping them put their differences aside. The experience gave me a definite sense of purpose. Since then, it has fueled my determination to set up a martial art institute. This institute is founded on the love for martial arts and the idea of equality. Martial art should be accessible to everybody and my classes will reflect that. I hope my students keep an open mind and discrimination shall not be tolerated.

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Do you need to be fit to do a martial arts class?

You do not need to be fit to take part in a martial art class. Learning, training and improving is the essence of our martial art classes. You can come to us at any fitness level and we will help to build on it and push your boundary. A lot of my students come to us with the aim to get fit and it is a joy to see the progress they make in each lesson with their improved stamina. Likewise, you are also not required to have prior experience in martial art; we welcome all levels. 

Why do you think it is important to have a safe space?

I do believe it is important to have a safe space for training. Unfortunately, discrimination to the LGBT is still prevalent in all parts of the world. At present, there are very limited places in London which martial art classes are taught exclusively to LGBT. In recognition to certain demands, we offer an alternative choice to those who may wish to train around other LGBT people.

If you would like to enquire about holding classes, Jai would love to hear from you!