LGBTI+ UK Top 500 Social Media Powerlist - where are all the women?

Have you heard of the LGBTI+ UK Top 500 Social Media Powerlist? It is a fabulous list created by Mark Gossington of PWC that lists an awful lot of LGBT people and ranks them according to their social media score. Each week on a Sunday the list is revised.

This list is useful because as well as average people like you and me, it includes corporates and celebrities. It encourages people to use their social media for good.

However, despite there being 500 names, there are (as seems to be the way of the world) not that many women... in fact there are just 156 out of 500*. I'm on a bit of a personal mission at the moment around women's visibility; working closely on the new LBWomen project to increase the number of out women in the workplace, running Planet Nation and also working closely with Pride in London on women's engagement.

For those of you who are interested, this is how the list breaks down:

  • 20 women in the top 50
  • 15 women in 51 to 100
  • 15 women in 101 to 150
  • 13 women in 151 to 200
  • 14 women in 201 to 250
  • 16 women in 251 to 300
  • 12 women in 301 to 350
  • 17 women in 351 to 400
  • 11 women in 401 to 450
  • 23 women in 451 to 500

As always, I'm about positive action; which is why I'm highlighting this. I don't think it is necessarily that women aren't as good at social media, but perhaps more that they haven't signed up to this. Ok so some may not be as hot - but maybe it is time to take a lesson from the guys who are masters at self promotion. Come on women, stand up and be counted!

Social media is a powerful tool to share information, support causes and reach new audiences.

Take a look at the list here:

To get added to the list, click on Join Board and sign up. The board automatically reviews your Klout score and Twitter account.

* Data is taken from the Week 43 data. The list changes every week on a Sunday so hopefully these numbers will increase over time!