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Women like you talking about what they like. Advice, information & answers
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Recipie ideas for you to try at home. Hold a dinner party and enjoy. Submit your own!

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We bring you a review of all the books written by LBQ women - there are loads of books

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Lesbians on television! We review them for you, keeping you up to date with what is on the box

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we review films by or featuring LBQ women - there is lots of choice!

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Life through a lens - everything from radio to live performances, art exhibitions, screenings & more

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reviews and features of music from LBQ artists

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We bring you Celebrity interviews with a variety of women in our community

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Articles around all aspects of LBQ family life from deciding to start a family to having a child

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An inside view of the women in our community - humanising events and businesses

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From International Lesbian Festivals to Web Series & campaigns. All our themed articles

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LGBT theatre is thriving in London; we review them here & hope that they reach the West End!

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UK and International Women's Festivals; LGBT Friendly holidays; Glamping & Camping; Hotels and more!


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Features on LBQ events across the nation - find out about future events and new plans

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Want to know what is happening on the scene? Reviews on all the events for you

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