Planet London are launching a new section of the website from 1 March 2015; continuing on from LGBT History Month

Inspired by hearing so many snippets or introductions to our history in small rooms of under 50 people, and a desire to know more; we are determined to make our history more accessible. How can we learn from our history if we don’t know about it?!


Why we think this is important

  • there are very few places capturing the journey our community has been on
  • there is still prejudices within our community such as transphobia and biphobia and so we need everyone's stories to be visible to break down barriers
  • We enjoy a lot of safety and freedom under the law in the 21st Century that hasn't always been the case and we need to respect the challenges others faced to get us where we are
  • we want to paint a picture of our community's geneology
  • we can't be complacent, prejudice and fear of our community still exists everywhere and could potentially take away our rights again
  • our queer identities have been shaped by context as much as personal choice, or lack of - we need to record this

Introducing #TheirStory

A place where we encourage LBQ women to submit their stories to be shared with the community. To be permanently recorded in a public and accessible space. We want to hear about perspectives of life throughout the decades. How women socialised, where they socialised, the shape of the community, political struggles, personal journeys. A celebration and a record of how far we have come.

If you are interested in submitting to our #TheirStory project, please submit your story using the submission form below.

Please also feel free to share this project far and wide with anyone who you think will be interested. If talking on social media, please use the hashtag #TheirStory

If some stories are confidential, we also have the ability to publish certain stories and images so that only logged in, trusted members will see them, ensuring we can safely share our history within our community whilst respecting privacy.

Submit your story:

what name would you like the story published under?
please include dates and locations. You can change names to protect those involved if you wish, but if you do this please let us know.