Supernovas - successful women

What director Campbell X has to say...

We caught up with Campbell to get the low down. Campbell  said that the core of the film is a story about strong female characters. This means women of all sexual orientations, genders and ethnicities. 

Amna Khwaja is currently directing a gay themed theatre piece, The Wodehouse Principle, for Camden Fringe. 

How did you get into theatre directing? What is your background? 

I knew I had an interest in Directing early in life. I would sit in my father’s office typing out scripts and then putting on a play with family members much to their dismay! 

Lizzie Bellinger recently won Silver at the FINA World  Masters Swimming Championships in Montreal. We get to know the out swimmer as she celebrates her success.

Planet London (PL): What is your first memory of being in the water? 

Lizzie Bellinger (LB): It might sound odd, but my earliest memory is when I chipped my tooth at the bottom of a swimming pool!!! 

PL: What is a typical day like when you're training for a big competition?