Entrepreneur profiles

Emma Stroud started out life as an actor; and has since built up a very successful public speaking business called The Pitch Perfect Club with her co-founder Deon.

Stroud is a fantastic example of a role model. She has built her own business from the ground up, drawing on her skills and interests. and adding services and events to meet the needs of their membership. Beginning with a presentation skills training offer, Emma and Deon now deliver one to one coaching, confidence building and self improvement for their clients.

Alice De Rock shares some insights about making it the entrepreneurial way...

What is the name of your business or service?

Our business name is WET FOR HER

What does the business do? And what is your role within it?

WET FOR HER is a sex toy designer and manufacturer company. I am the CEO of the Company. 

How long have you been doing it?

WET FOR HER was launched in 2009 in the US.

Why did you start your business/service?

Olivia, My Urban Pad

Olivia Finn established My Urban Pad, which specialises in residential property refurbishments throughout London, in 2008 after working for another London based residential refurbishment company. She had been working in the industry for the previous five years and wanted to try going it alone. 

Britain’s Next Big Thing – Debbie Evershed, BracKit

What is success and where does inspiration come from?

For me success is doing the best I can with what I have access to. That however includes identifying opportunities and going and making them. 

Inspiration comes from everyday life; as do ideas. To truly make the most of potential opportunities, you have to be able to look at things from more than one perspective - after all if the opportunity was right in front of you, the chances are someone else has already taken it!