Event organisers

Maxine spent a lot of time organising social events to bring together women. She raised money for charity, including for refugees around the time when there was a huge exodus to Greece. She volunteered and supported LGBT charities such as London Friend.

Sadly Maxine passed away in 2017.


The latest regular event at SHE, The BackSeat (2nd and last Wednesday of the month) is bringing soul, electro, rhythm and blues, "make out music" to the girls.

We asked promoters Maxie and Bridget a few little questions...

How long have you been running LGBT events and events generally? 

Maxie: I am part of a musical collective called Gravy, with whom I have been putting on gigs (mainly in Norwich) for around 7 years. 

Where you are originally from:


How long you have lived in London:

15 years

What you do in the community:

Produce Queer events with Wotever World

How long have you been running LGBT events?

Since the mid 1980’s - I have a long history of being in a lot of organisations and fighting for a lot of things.

What was your first event?

How long have you been running LGBT events?

I have been running LGBT events for nearly two years.

What was your first event?

POUT London's finest party night for women.

How do you see that the lesbian scene in London has changed?