Introducing ClexaCon!

Welcome to the world of ClexaCon! What is ClexaCon, I hear you ask... well it is an event, which following two successful years in the US, has decided to expand across into Europe, and has chosen London as it's first new location! 

ClexaCon brings together actors and filmmakers from lesbian films, webseries and television - lesbians in media generally. One venue, two days, thousands of lesbians!

To get a bit more of the lowdown about ClexaCon, we spoke with the three women behind this event, Holly Winebarger, Ashley Arnold and Danielle Jablonski:

How have you tweaked or changed the convention for a UK audience (if at all)?

ClexaCon London is going to be just as fun, but on a smaller scale. We’ve added some very London things such as a London Bus Tour on Friday!

We love the bus tour, are you expecting a lot of international women (us UK ladies love the chance to meet women from abroad!)

We’re renting a bus and filling it with as many queer woman as possible! What could be more fun? And yes, they are from all over the world. We have attendees registered from over 30 countries so far!

How have you found your audience for ClexaCon London as this is your first UK event? Have you found there is as much excitement in the UK and Europe as you get in the US?

We’re finding that we’re able to reach an entirely new audience. A lot of attendees will be coming to a ClexaCon for the first time. People are really excited about the event and we can’t wait to have a great weekend with everyone!

We don’t have a huge number of out lesbians in the UK in mainstream media, and many aren’t that accessible to fans. How has this affected your invitations to attend?

We’re always looking to highlight LGBTQ women in the industry. There are out LGBTQ women in the UK who we have reached out to but who haven’t been able to attend for various reasons. Our hope is that over time more LGBTQ women in media will get involved and will come to events like ClexaCon so that fans can let them know what their characters mean to them.

We do have a growing number of web series popping up in the UK but as a fairly newly created genre and without any central outlet to promote these, the followings are smaller than many US series. Have any of these sparked your interest more than others?

We’d like to see more UK-based web series featuring LGBTQ women! We’ll have some web series creators at ClexaCon London and we’re excited to hear from them about the challenges and rewards of creating content in the UK and how they are finding an audience for their projects.

The UK doesn’t seem to be as accessible to reach celebrities. In the UK fame is sometimes linked to inaccessibility, unlike the US where conventions are huge and fan meets common across the country. Has this resulted in you inviting more celesbians from the US celesbians or have you found a good selection of UK women available?

We strived to not make this event a copy of our Las Vegas event. A lot of our panels will focus on LGBTQ womens representation in the UK and we’ll be highlighting US and UK-based actresses. Because fan conventions and events in the US are much more common it tends to be easier to find US-based actresses who are interested in participating.

What made you jump the pond to the UK, and this year in particular?

London is a fun city and a major travel hub so we felt that it would be a fairly convenient location for people to get to. We also have a global volunteer team and several team members based in the UK so it seemed like a logical choice. We have fans from around the world asking us to do a ClexaCon event in their country and London seemed like a good place to start!

We also know that many members of our community do not have the resources to travel internationally for an event like ClexaCon and we want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to participate.

When you’re not arranging ClexaCons, what do you do in your spare time?

We tend to not have much of that :) but we all love to travel when we can and enjoy attending events around the country - fan events, Prides, film festivals, etc.

Is there one celesbian you would love to pin down for ClexaCon London who is currently eluding you?

We all have our personal wish lists :) We’ve been incredibly lucky to have had so many fantastic guests in our first two years. We hope that each year we’ll be able to add more amazing guests and also keep bringing guests back! (but feel free to let all your favorite UK celebrities know that they should come to ClexaCon and meet their fans!)

Who is confirmed to attend ClexaCon London so far?


ClexaCon London - Sheetal ShethSheetal Sheeth - an acclaimed actress known for her provocative performances in a wide range of memorable roles on film and television including I Can't Think Straight. She won 3 Best Actress nods in the festival circuit for The World Unseen and 1 for her role in Wings of Hope, with the former premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival and then going on to win 11 SAFTA’s (South African equiv to Oscars).


ClexaCon London - Jamie ClaytonJamie Clayton - a series regular in the role of Nomi Marks, the San Francisco based Hacker, in the Netflix Original Series, SENSE8. The show has become a critical darling and an international success touching on topics not normally emphasized in the Sci-Fi genre such as politics, identity, sexuality, gender, and religion.



ClexaCon London - Mandahla RoseMandahla Rose - an Australian native, Rose has been seen in a string of Aussie films and is known for her iconic role as E in the lesbian hit, All About E. After making the jump across the great pacific pond and planting her feet in Los Angeles, she has continued following her dreams including For The Love Of Jessee andCrazy Bitches and has recently been announced for upcoming Tello Original series The Passage.



ClexaCon London - Lisa GiffordLisa Gifford - possibly a name you haven't heard of, but Lisa is a writer. She wrote a popular digital series, 3some, and after being contacted by many viewers to share their own experience of the issues in the show, became passionate about exploring contemporary life through her work. Lisa has gone on to be a writer on BBC’s EastEnders, and is one of the Edinburgh TV Festival’s Ones to Watch for 2018.

About ClexaCon

ClexaCon London logoClexaCon is a Media & Entertainment Convention for LGBTQ Women and Allies.

To Connect:

ClexaCon provides a platform to build community, bringing together a diverse group of LGBTQ fans and content creators from around the world. Networking events connect filmmakers, actors and industry professionals while panels, workshops, and autograph sessions connect creators with fans.

To Empower:

ClexaCon aims to empower media creators to produce and distribute more positive LGBTQ content, providing educational resources for the community to aid in the push for better representation. ClexaCon strive to lay the foundation for improved visibility within the media while encouraging more LGBTQ women to participate in creating the stories they desire.


Novotel London West, Hammersmith International Centre, 1 Shortlands, Hammersmith, London W6 8DR


3-4 November 2018