Traffic Light Badges

Increasing visibility on and off the scene

Planet Nation is always looking at how we can improve the scene for LBQ women. Recently there has been a lot of talk about femme visibility, which got us thinking about visibility in general. If you don't know someone is a lesbian from a glance, how can you tell if they are single, or even looking?!?

Planet Nation traffic light pole

We also often experience women asking us if another women is single or not... this is the challenge - you don't want to spend all your energy (and chat up lines) on a woman, only to find she isn't available.  Nevermind that, if you're not at a lesbian event, how do you know they are even an LBQ woman!?

We think we have the answer!

These badges are designed to be subtle, yet effective. You can wear them on your coat, dress, suit jacket or bag; and because they are small (38mm), unless you're looking for it, it doesn't scream gay, yet it tells a potential flirt, fun or future woman your status!

We work with the various event organisers in the UK to bring these badges to events. On arrival you just pick up the badge that best suits your current status.

Red - just looking to meet new women and make new friends

Yellow - happy to make new friends, but also interested in a little flirt or two, perhaps some fun, no strings of course!

Green - friends welcomed, flirting and fun enjoyed; and if the right women was to show up, you never know where it could go!



If you would like to see our badges at a night near you, why not suggest them?