Proud Planet

Proud Planet is the campaigning arm which we use to raise money and/or awareness at face-to-face events.

Examples of where we have used Proud Planet include:

Pride in London 2014

As a media partner, we decided that we were in a unique position to help Pride in London to meet one of its main aims of getting more women to take part in Pride in London. Through our campaigning arm of Planet London we linked up with 5 event organisers within London and ran fundraising events. All these events were designed to:

  • raise the profile of Pride in London to women
  • increase the number of women participating in Pride in London to increase women's visibility
  • raise money for Pride in London towards holding more content aimed at women

Through our events with The Glass Bar, Bridge Girls, DownGirls and L-Wired, we raised £727 for Pride in London. We also got 50 women signed up to march with Planet London at the Pride in London parade.


In 2013 and 2014 we hosted the L Fest solo zone at Uttoxeter Racecourse. The zone was designed to be a social space for women who either attended on their own, or who were looking to make new friends. Using the Planet Central brand we created a space which hosted activities including speed dating, people bingo, spinning planets, a social quiz, drinking games as well as being a general drop in zone for chilling out with Board Games. We hosted the space with a team of Planeteers who were on call to be a friendly face. In 2014 we also hosted meet and greats with various people from the film screenings and sold lesbian DVDs.