L-EXPERIENCE is a lifestyle experience collaboration between Clara (London International Lesbians Meetup) and Naomi (Planet Nation).

L-EXPERIENCE aims to create a welcoming experience at every event. L-EXPERIENCE offers a safe space to mingle with like-minded women.

Expect food, drinks, activities, events, as well as a few trips away. Your social lifestyle starts here!


L-EXPERIENCE will be launching at the end of June. Keep an eye on this page for more details.


L-EXPERIENCE is aimed at lesbian/bisexual/queer-identified women who enjoy socialising through events, trips and holidays, within a safe space of like-minded women. We’re encouraging of women of all backgrounds and nationalities and ages to join, also trans-identified women.


L-EXPERIENCE is brought to you by Clara who runs International Lesbians and Naomi who runs Planet Nation.

What is Interational Lesbians?

London International Lesbian Meetup is a group for lesbians with attitude who are open, curious and interested in meeting a wide range of women. The aim of the group is to unlock London for the International Lesbian Community and to share our experiences in and about London!

We are open to all nationalities and will meet regularly in London for socials, food, drinks, culture, sporting events and trips away. If you’re looking for likeminded women from all over the world, this is the group for you and you may even get to practise a new language or just broaden your horizons in a fun and relaxing environment.

Join us and let us unlock London with you!!


Planet Nation LogoWhat is Planet Nation?

Planet Nation is a listings & lifestyle website for cis and trans lesbian, bisexual and queer women. It aims to connect the community and highlight the women working in our community to make it as diverse and relevant as it is today.

Planet Nation offers a free events calendar to find out what is on and also contains a number of articles relevant to LBQ life. In addition to content, Naomi from Planet Nation works closely with the community to increase the visibility and promotion of events. She also supports women through training and guidance to help women to acheive their goals and be the best that they can be.

www.planet-nation.com | www.twitter.com/PlanetNationLBQ | www.facebook.com/PlanetNationLBQ | www.instagram.com/PlanetNationLBQ