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Event Review: ClexaCon London

Clexacon is a fairly new lesbian film and media convention that launched in Vegas in 2016, and has decided to host an event in London. The inaugural Clexacon London took place over 3 and 4 November 2018 in London.

Different for Girls Interview: Victoria Broom (Fran)

Planet Nation got to dig deep with actress and Diva award-winner Victoria Broom, who plays Fran in the hot new lesbian web series, Different for Girls. We talk to her about her character, playing blue aliens, love and more!

Different for Girls review

As one of the most eagerly anticipated offerings at the BFI Flare LGBT Film Festival 2017, I admit to jumping at the chance to review this new lesbilicious web series. 

Like many, I’m tired of lesbian tropes in mainstream TV. And with the likes of Guinevere Turner (Go Fish) and Rachel Shelley (The L Word) among an impressive cast list, I’ve not wanted to see a show so much since OITNB.

Life in Colors

'Life in Colors' follows a few brief moments in the lives of two women from the United Kingdom in the 1940's, it takes us on a journey of their passion, love and desire to be together in a world that is against that love. 

Life in Colors... new LGBT filmmaking from the UK

Life in Colors is a a poetic love story during a time when homosexuality in Britain was illegal

'Life in Colours'

Support a new LGBT film. A poetic story of love and tragedy during a time when homosexuality was illegal in Britain.

Movie star helps to highlight issues faced by femmes

Movie star, Victoria Broom, is lending her voice to a campaign by new London femme / lipstick lesbian group, Stilettos.

Topp Twins Untouchable Girls

This film follows the lives of two Country Singing, comedy lesbian twins, whose closeness and free spirited approach to life is something to be admired.

Make a Wish Movie Review

The plot is based around 6 lesbians camping in the woods for Susan's (Moynan King) birthday. 4 of which are her ex-girlfriends (sounds like a night in Candy Bar). Throughout the film, Susan's ex lovers get killed off individually. Yet the funny thing is no one seems to notice their friends don’t come back. Reason being, they are too busy getting it on with one another (like another night in Candy Bar).

But I'm a Cheerleader Movie Review

With an all-star cast and a DVD cover full of American Cheerleaders. How could I not succumb to watching BUT IM A CHEERLEADER?!...And, I am glad to report, it’s a funny little film.

Puccini for Beginners Movie Review

The Plot focusses around three main characters... ALLEGRA who is played by Elizabeth Reaser, GRACE played by Gretchen Mol and the oh so annoying PHILLIP who is played by Justin Kirk.

D.E.B.S Movie Review

This film is a fun rom com with a happy ending.  Its great if you want a night in with your mates or if your gf is over and you’re not planning on concentrating on the storyline ;)

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