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Coming to terms with myself post-surgery

So it's been a longtime since I wrote for Planet Nation and it feels so good to be back.

A whole lot of stuff has happened since I last wrote on this site, and when I was last here I was about to embark on the gender surgery that woudl give me the body I have always wanted and craved.

The final stages of my physical transition - Surgery

Debbie Louise Cannon talks about the final weeks in her lead up to surgery, how she feels and more....

HRT and the final stages of my transition

Debbie Louise Cannon looks at the effect on HRT on transition and her run up to surgery.

The toilet issue for trans people - Why is it even an issue?

Looking at the whole Anti-Transgender Bathroom Bill in the USA and why it's absurd.

Transmisogyny – Prejudice in the Trans community has to stop

Until we embrace every persons right to define themselves – then we are no better than the systems that oppress us and others in the first place - Debbie Louise Cannon on why transmisogyny has to stop in the trans community. 

Dating as a trans-lesbian

For a transgender woman the whole idea of dating is one that terrifies most of us.... Debbie Louise Cannon talks about dating as a trans-lesbian

Transgender - Why it's never a choice.

Debbie Louise Cannon gives a insight into how being transgender is never about choice.

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