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BFI Flare review of A Deal with the Universe

This morning I had my eyes opened to the most amazing debut documentary film by Jason Barker. 

Reasons to get married, and why civil partnerships are not something heterosexual people should want

I've recently been splitting ownership of a property with an ex, and what I've uncovered is quite shocking... so much so I wanted to share it. I started to look into the matter of marriage vs. civil partnerships and also co-habiting. 

The results, hopefully some useful information of how a marriage or civil partnership can benefit you when it comes to rights and finances around property, pensions and even travel. 

Pride in London is called to account by the Community Advisory Board

The Community Advisory Board today released its post-event report on Pride in London. I have a mixture of emotions about it. I’m happy to see the experiences and feelings of many of the community expressed in writing, and it certainly completely confirms the experiences of all those who contacted me in frustration/upset/discontent in the run up to Pride; however I’m also sad. I love London, and I love Pride – but I love a Pride that is as diverse and inclusive as the LGBT community with which I feel a part of and this year I have never felt so distant from Pride.

Rotterdam rocks at The Arts Theatre

2017 is the year of lesbian theatre. In London alone this year there have been over 20 plays taking place across London and Brighton alone, including Her Aching Heart, The Elephant Girls and Joan. I’ve been reviewing lesbian-themed theatre now for around 6 years in the city and whilst most of it is fringe theatre in theatres above pubs; the quality is growing and growing and Rotterdam is certainly aiming for the top spot, and is absolutely worthy of its current home in The Arts Theatre.

The Ruby Slippers at The Arts Theatre

There is a lot on offer over the Pride festival fortnight - over 80 events in fact. We're looking forward to The Ruby Slippers in particular, find out why!

New online video series to inspire and raise awareness of LGBT engineers

People still think of engineering as a profession reserved only for white heterosexual men. But the industry is changing, with more women and people from ethnic minority backgrounds and the LGBT community all making a valuable contribution to the profession. InterEngineering has partnered with Mott MacDonald and the Royal Academy of Engineering to produce a series of videos profiling LGBT engineers talking openly about their experiences of the profession and sharing their personal stories. The aim is to show those thinking of becoming engineers that being LGBT is not a barrier to a happy and successful career.

Why love starts with yourself, not with someone else

As a transgender woman and a lesbian, read how Debbie Louise Cannon came to love of herself - before findng true love.

LGBT History Month magazine

LGBT History Month is upon us!

Each year, there is a free magazine produced around LGBT History Month.

This year, the theme is religion, belief and philosophy.

Building a diverse community

I personally love the fact that I get to interact with so many different people, and that I have friends across different social economic areas. I also am aware that it means that we often have very different views of some areas – but this gives me an opportunity to learn, open my mind to other points of view. I understand that not everyone is able to do this.

Haters Gonna Hate - Why I'll always be grateful for the likes of Jeremy Clarkson & Germaine Greer

Jeremy Clarkson; Germaine Greer and TERFS (Transgender Exclusionary Feminists) are doing their best to make a bad name for transgender people and equality. I'll always be grateful for people like them.....

Debbie Louise Cannon - an introduction

An introduction from Debbie Louise Cannon our new trans-lesbian contributor.

Stonewall to officially campaign for Trans rights

Stonewall today announces that it will extend its remit to campaign for trans equality in a landmark report. The historic move follows extensive consultation with over 700 trans people and will see the charity use its platform and experience to help create real change for them.

Book review: Trumpet – Jackie Kay

Millie had a fantastic life and the perfect marriage, at least that’s how she remembers it now. Her famous husband Joss has just died and the secret they’d been hiding for over 40 years is out.

Club T Launch

The Dalston Superstore is an interesting bar to take in, being long and thin with strange sculptures on the walls and hanging from the ceiling. Exposed pipes along the roof give it an almost industrial feel while the silver disco ball in the corner adds a bit of glamour. The dance floor is downstairs only tonight it was off limits. I am here for the brand new and very exciting T Club. Unlike most of the clubs I go to with the proviso of ‘Men as guests’, tonight it was ‘Women as guests’.

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