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Review of The List by Jillian Armenante

The List has a great premise. The List referred to is the one we all have of exceptional people we’re allowed to have a one-time sexual encounter with even though we are in a steady relationship.

Quality Lesbian Content - no problem!

With mainstream television only portraying a small proportion of our gay lives; it isn't surprising that we want something more. Programmes on television are increasingly including LGBT characters, but we see their interaction with the mainstream world, which only represents a small proportion of our real lives.

#She's in London...introducing Kerry Leigh as JILL

The lowdown on behind the scenes gossip from Kerry Leigh (Jill).

Nikki & Nora Season 2 Fundraiser

New Orleans & our fans are calling to bring Nikki & Nora back! We hear loud and clear. Sowe are asking for support to help us bring this awesome crime fighting couple back.

Connecting with the writers & stars of #Hashtag

With a series that contains references to pretty much all the social media on offer, including a brilliant argument with Siri, a Vine viral sensation, swiping on Tinder and much more (probably one or two references that went straight over this writer's "down with the kids" head) what could be more fitting than three-way Skype call to talk about the web series? 

#Hashtag online - season 2 is here!

tellofilms, the prolific creator of quality lesbian and queer content, proudly presents the second season of the popular web series “#Hashtag.”

#Hashtag Returns!

#Hashtag Series 2 is coming soon!

Dancing in the Rain with Tello and Roomies at Raindance

We are very pleased to reveal that one of our favourite web series, and one of out favourite LGBT businesses, Tello films, who produce and distribute innovative, high-quality web series with a lesbian focus is coming to the second Raindance web series festival. 

Web series review: 'Roomies' & 'The Neighbors' from Tello

Published in 2013 by Tello, Roomies is the web series comedy that offers laughs a-plenty encased in slick production. There are characters you'll recognise brought out in their comic best. In particular, standing out is Julie Goldman's portryal of the recently heartbroken Sam who allows herself to become embroiled in a case of fake relationship to secure a great place to live whilst reconnecting with her "straight" best friend.


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