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BFI Flare Shorts: Brown is the Warmest Colour

BFI Flare operates its festival under three strands; mind, body and heart. Each strand contains features and shorts.

In the Minds Shorts segment this year, is an insightful shorts section that features queer Asian experience and covers love, relationships and solidarity.

New Year's Eve Party Low Down

Another New Year is creeping up on us... so we let you know what is on... where will you be going?

Are you planning to go out in town, or having a house party? Perhaps your idea of a good New Year is to enjoy it at home with a meal and a drink.

For those of you who are planning on going out, we've collated the events that are being held this NYE. There is quite a selection available so hopefully something for everyone.

Queer Sex Positive Web Series: Thank You Come Again

Webseries: Uptight Riley joins the colorful, queer misfits at famed sex shop The Pleasure Chest.

Why do we need sober queer+LGBT spaces? CYOA dance party returns!

When talking about alcohol and drugs, most people who've spent time in queer and LGBT community have personal stories that are somewhat different to our straight and cis counterparts, perhaps for better or worse. What is the place for sober spaces in queer and LGBT community today?

Irreverent Dance open Europe’s first gender-neutral community dance studio

Irreverent Dance, the LGBTQ-friendly body-positive adult dance school, has this week opened Europe’s first gender-neutral community dance studio in Kentish Town, London. Supported by a Kickstarter campaign in 2014 that raised more than £36,000, bookings are now open for the dance school’s first term of classes in its new home.

Things You Should NEVER Ask a Lesbian

Us lesbians experience a few weird questions throughout our lives. From shots of rainbows to scissoring, here are the things you should never ask a lesbian. 

Every New Year I Choose Love over Fear, and It Makes All the Difference in Every Aspect of My Life

Every moment when I choose love over fear, I am transforming my life into a more peaceful existence. For the past five years, love has won out more than fear, and it has made all the difference.

All we have are moments. I try my best to make each one filled with love, and I invite you to join me. 

A Day in the Life of... Ingo (1)

Hi, my name is Ingo and I run and create all Wotever World's shows, events, workshops and tours. I work with an amazing crew who add their flavour and take on things how and what Queer Life in London, Europe mean NOW. We call ourselves Queers and we are a variety of trans, dykes, gays, bears, academics; and in various transitions... 

Buzz cut season at Barberette

On May the 11th Barberette is gave customers and friends the opportunity to have their own G. I. Jane moment – all for a good cause... A sponsored head-shaving event all in aid of Moorfields Eye Hospital!

The talented barber has had a personal brush with eyesight problems when her partner Sam suddenly lost sight in one eye last summer. She has chosen to raise funds for Moorfields Eye Hospital as they provided fantastic support over this difficult time and ensured that Sam received the best possible care.

3rd Dyke March London – June 21, 2014

A celebration of dyke diversity and culture in London and the UK, Dyke March London takes place on 21 June, starting at 2.30pm on Hamilton Place (W1J 7BQ). Expect colourful outfits, chanting, banners and general queerness in a march through central London. Dykes and our allies are coming together to make ourselves seen and heard on the streets and to celebrate the important steps taken towards equality for the LGBTQ* community in the UK. At the same time we march to raise awareness that we are far from true equality for all members of our community. 

A Queer New Year's Eve for us all... event round up

A little roundup of all the best events for LBQ women in case you haven't decided what to do...

Wotever - exploring queer film

A packed, diverse programme, that we've come to expect, split into three themes: DIY, QueerStory and Heal and with a special presentation in the middle, of clips of Campbell X's Stud Life introduced by the Director, along with a question and answer session. In total we were treated to 21 films. Yes, 21.

Brighton Pride - "Thunderbolts and Lightning, very very frightening!"

Lightning storms, long queues, sunshine, drinking, lesbians, the beach, camping, campfires, street parties, pimms, women's performance tent... hear all about Brighton Pride Planet London style in our new high tech-multimedia-vlog-type-thing

Jolly good show (oh yes it is!)

Tonight we joined Belle, Sharia Law, and a bunch of cheesy pouffs at the preview of the RVT panto 'The Comatose Beauty'.

As we've come to expect from previous years, the topical and cynical drag panto humoured a mixed audience.


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