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Event Review: Pout at the Directors Lounge

So, this month POUT from Elaine at The Glass Bar moved to a plush new venue. Given that I hadn't had a good old dance in a while, and I wanted to celebrate dropping a few kilos, this was just too good an opportunity to miss.

Have you heard about The Glass Bar?

Established in 1995

Creating Arts and Social events for Women

Chances are that if you live in London, you've heard of The Glass Bar.

Pout Again: At the Exhibit

Pout’s new location took place at the funky 3 storey bar in Balham, known as the Exhibit. Great transport links, from buses, trains and tubes to access venue. 

Stonewall Pride Fundraiser

It takes true imagination to find a unique location to put on a Pride event and Elaine McKenzie did just that!

Wanted - 5,200 LBQ women - for one night only!

Pride in London is almost here. A week of fringe events followed by the weekend of partying. Here we list all of the events that are on offer that have a focus towards LBQ women... we really are spoilt for choice this year!! On Saturday alone, the total capacity at events where it is run by or for women is a whopping 5,200. 

Something to Pout About - 4th Birthday and a new venue!

POUT is back with a-vengeance for it's 4th Birthday, making it one of the most established club nights around for lesbians and bi women in London.

Something to Pout about

POUT has recently moved to a larger venue than it's previous sultry haunt. Drift provides a more central location and a bigger dance space, as well as pre-event meal deal, that gets you free entry, to boot - an island of calm in the city.

2011 – How was it for you? And what will 2012 bring?

Well for Planet London, 2011 has been quite a year. We launched in March following the idea for the site germinating in our minds for a good while, and multiple requests from friends for a good source of up to date reliable information on what’s going on in London for lesbians.

Pout - 2nd Birthday

A friendly crowd, that begins with the welcoming face of Elaine (owner of the Glass Bar) at the door, filling the venue (the queue was out of the door around 11pm), boogied away to an ecclectic 70s, 80s and 90s pop/electro/soul blend - not necessarily traditional floor fillers.

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