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Bringing down the house

Last night I witnessed the birth of a huge shift in the scene. The vibe was electric. The talent was extreme. It felt like a scene out of The L Word... where was this amazing event you ask?

A smile at Pout

Pout has been around for some years now, and it's fantastic to see a regular LBQ event that knows exactly what it is lasting on the scene. It's a core offering from Elaine MacKenzie's Glass Bar brand.

New Year, New You? Start off with a party!

Another New Year is creeping up on us... so we let you know what is on in the big City... where will you be going?

Dakota performing live at MUSE Soho

A chance to get up close and personal with Dakota, newly a London resident EDM/House vocalist, having lived here for the past year Dakota has become familiar with the term ‘Studio Life’ & gigging all around the UK.

A MUSE for everyone

Labels are out and now we have a new restaurant and lounge called MUSE Soho which aims to inspire the LBQ women in London. We popped along to their launch on Easter Thursday to see what was on offer.

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