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Dear You is something everyone should see

Dear You, the next single from Lucy Spraggan - but this latest track is something special. Not only is it an extremely powerful track with an equally powerful video but it carries a very strong message. Check out the video here:

Lucy's Coming Home - Lucy Spraggan Acoustic Tour and Home EP review

And then Spraggan takes the stage, owning the space entirely in this stripped back solo affair. A loud applause welcomes the start of an emotional and nuanced, intimate set.

Lucy Spraggan goes Sober for October in the name of Macmillan Cancer Support

Support Lucy going "sober to raise money for people affected by cancer; Macmillan is an amazing charity and the work they do is invaluable!"

London Bound: Spraggan's Stairway to Heaven

Opening with the lively In this Church the tone is set for a high octane set and the appreciation sets in early as Spraggan appears confident and more at home on stage than ever before - and we are on the admiring end of a well-honed performance that still maintains the authenticity and personal connection of every live show Spraggan has given in the last three years.

Beyond 'Tea & Toast': Lucy Spraggan Interview

Hot on the heels of the news that new single #Unsinkable has reached the top 20 of the Independent Singles Charts, and the announcement that she will appear on Weekend Wogan on Sunday 26 April, we caught up with Lucy Spraggan to discuss songwriting, going it alone and taking CTRL.

'WE ARE' impressed and inspired by Lucy Spraggan's new album

This time Spraggan's going it alone, and there's something in the choice of name for her own label, CTRL - about seizing the ownership of creative choice, production, collaboration and marketing. And with a huge established fanbase of #Sprags (if the 340,000 Facebook fans, and 600,000+ Twitter followers are anything to go by), perhaps not just the brave decision but the right one. 

The "Unsinkable"... Lucy's back and the fans are happy

The anthemic Unsinkable leads the way, as a super charged - mature, powerful, authentic, heightened and exciting offering, expressing top form from Spraggan both vocally and lyrically.

#StudentPride 2015 - the Round Up #VotePride

A fun day out at Student Pride 2015 - a Round up of all the action

Katie vs... 2014 (spoiler alert - Katie wins!)

Without wanting to be a giant cliche of positivity, I need to explain the "Vs" part of the title. It's not been all fun, fairy tales and frolics this year.

Back to where the streets are paved with stone: Lucy has Landed

This was a raw and stripped back set, with no gimmicks, taking us back to the beginning, but also highlighting how much Spraggan has evolved as a musician.

#QLive Drop Dead Gorgeous: interview with Republica & Kenelis

We were very lucky to catch up with Saffron Sprackling, lead singer of legendary band Republica, and Mel Sanson, Q Alternative Stage organiser and front person, as well as lead singer for Brighton rock band Kenelis right before they rocked the stage at Brighton Pride. 

#QLive Interview: A little catch up with Lucy Spraggan...

We caught up on the latest with Brighton local and Brighton Pride Q Alternative Stage performer Lucy Spraggan backstage...

Under our Umbrella: Pride in London 2014

Thankfully 25 Planet London umbrellas meant we didn't let the rain dampen our spirits at this year's Pride in London.

We were fortunate to be marching with our legendary #dyketrike & 50 or so other like minded women  who wanted to raise the visibility of women in Pride - and have a fabulous time whilst doing so!

EXCLUSIVE Lucy Spraggan Interview @ Pride in London

After an epic pheasant-plucking quest, we finally had the chance to catch up with fan favourite and Ultimate Planet Community Award winner Lucy Spraggan in person at this year's Pride in London - and she did not disappoint!


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