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Camden LGBT Forum launches advice and safety project (C.L.A.S.P) to welcome the worldwide LGBT community travelling to London th

London based LGBT charity, the Camden LGBT Forum is today celebrating its 10th year anniversary by launching the CAMDEN LGBT ADVICE AND SAFETY PROJECT (CLASP), the first of its kind in London. 

NO.NO Fest :(

We are disappointed today to hear the GO.GO Fest 2012 has had to be cancelled.

Despite a long run at promotion, offers and a fantastic line up that included acts such as Uh Huh Her, Betty and Jill Jackson, and a much more accessible venue for Londoners, it appears that not enough women were drawn to the festival billed as a non stop 72 hour party for women.

London Mayoral Elections 2012

So hands up those of you that knew about the Mayoral elections on the 3rd May? Now hands up those of you that understand politics and what the role of the London Mayor is?? If like me, you find politics confusing, boring and just switch off at the mere mention of it, well think again!!! Hopefully by the time you've read this article, you will be converted and be treating politics as your new best friend.

Not so out and proud at the Olympics

This morning we learned that Pride House, offered as one of the official Olympics Houses specifically for the LGBT communities and set to take place on Clapham Common, will no longer be taking place due to not raising enough sponsorship or attracting artists. The news was leaked by Pride House Director Chad Molleken to Your Local Guardian.

Being a Same Sex Partner When a Medical Emergency Occurs

I’ve been AWOL from writing any articles for a while now, life certainly does get in the way sometimes and the last few months have been no exception.

My beautiful wife had a health scare recently which meant we both had no choice than to place our futures into the hands of the NHS. 

Culture Club

Looking at the Planet London events calendar, reading the feedback we’ve had from the first lesbian and bisexual women’s community survey, and chatting to the lesbian and bi women we know, one reflection that has repeatedly come up is the lack of well defined sub cultures in the lesbian and bi women’s scene.

SteamPunk Tango

As the theme suggests the event was a celebration of tango! To ensure that all attendees had at least a chance of being able to dance, a tango class had been held for the first half hour of the night. Those who didn’t participate were still shuffling their feet later into the night, while those who paid attention seemed to fill the dance floor for the rest of the evening. I was shuffling.

'Out' of the Loop?

Facebook events has become a vital tool for those of you organising meet ups; parties; any kind of gathering really and over the last 6 months we’ve seen a proliferation of event organisers on the lesbian and bi women’s scene using Facebook in just this way.

Topp Twins Untouchable Girls

This film follows the lives of two Country Singing, comedy lesbian twins, whose closeness and free spirited approach to life is something to be admired.

LGBT Adoption and Fostering Week 2012

One way to start a family doesn't involve the costs and emotions attached to getting pregnant at all. Many London boroughs pro-actively encourage LGBT families to foster or adopt, and sadly there is never shortage of babies and children who need a new, welcoming, loving family.

Stav B's Winter Ball

Tonight's theme was ''Glamorous'' and glamorous it was! All around me were suits, diamantés and colourful cocktails. For the tee-teetotallers there was also a small selection of 'Detox' cocktails. In keeping with the theme, the music was more Fred & Ginger than pop.

Corsets & Diamonds

When we first walked in it was to be faced with a rather glamorous mix of people and a Diva Von Teese-lookalike taking her clothes off on the floor. Ten minutes later, the performance done and nipple tassels revealed, we made our way to the bar. It was then I realised my mistake. It was a masked party and like a fool I'd forgotten my mask. 

The Big Gay Lifestyle Show @ The Connaught Rooms, London

Planet London visited the first Big Gay Lifestyle Show which took place on Saturday 22 October at the Connaught Rooms near Holborn (located on the aptly named Great Queen Street). Whilst the Big Gay Lifestyle Show wasn't very visible from the outside, the gays had really taken over the venue inside and the venue itself was as grand as the name suggests with Titanic like chandeliers.


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