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Stop Kiss at Leicester Square Theatre

This timeless story, sadly still as relevant today as when it was first written in the late 90s, even in enlightened cities such as New York, tells the heart-warming heart-breaking tale of two women falling in love, exploring their lesbianism for the first time and dealing with the devastating consequences of homophobia.

Lesbian portrayal in plays - death, drama, destruction but no happy ending

Whilst a large amount of LGBT drama in theatres in London is something of a good thing and not something I want to see change (Desolate Heaven, Sour Lips, Stop Kiss, Freakoid and Love on Trial this month alone - we're quite literally spoilt for choice!); I have to admit that I would like to see more plays with a positive story, or at least a happy ending.

Desolate Heaven

Introducing Carla Langley as Orlaith and Evelyn Lockley as Sive, two young carers bonding over their similar circumstances of being deserted by one parent and left to care for the infirm other.

Wotever Mini Queer Film Festival I

A packed house of queer women and the occasional man sat down to this exciting and diverse film programme for an evening of celebrating grass roots, queer visibility on screen.

London LGBT+ Community Pride to manage Pride celebrations for the next five years

London LGBT+ Community Pride, a Community Interest Company, is today celebrating a successful bid in the Greater London Authority’s tender process to manage the next five years of London’s Pride celebrations.

A Piece of the Cake goes to...

Yesterday Planet London hosted a fundraising event for 3 London based LGBT charities; ELOP, London Friend and Stonewall Housing.

The event, which was kindly hosted by Candy in Soho, drew in a number of lesbian and bi women of the cake-loving genre!

Club Night: Chick Habit featuring Amity & JD Samson

Now, I have to admit that I haven't actually been to Candy Bar in a while. I see myself as outside of the core customerbase. When I think of Candy Bar I think of uber-trendy student lesbians, under 25, and who are single and looking for fun. Thursday night was quite an eye-opener to the fact that the customerbase of this bar is expanding beyond this stereotype.

Hip Hip Hooray, we sash-ayed the Big Gay 10k

Sunday 30 September, Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens. Sunny cloudy weather. A bunch of gays. What more could you want for the end of the Summer?

We arrived early, ready to set up our stall, which was bang in the middle of the row of pop up gazebos.

Book review: Trumpet – Jackie Kay

Millie had a fantastic life and the perfect marriage, at least that’s how she remembers it now. Her famous husband Joss has just died and the secret they’d been hiding for over 40 years is out.

Building a happy family

This week we made the not-so-life-changing decision not to have our own children. To pretty much all of our friends and family, this will be a complete surprise. So how did we get from deciding between a known or unknown donor to help create our family to a life path that does not include having our own children at all?

Book review: I Can't Think Straight - Shamim Sarif

After 3 failed engagements, Tala has finally found the perfect husband. During preparations for her rapidly approaching wedding, Tala meets Leyla and suddenly starts to doubt her love for her fourth fiancé.

Book review: Sexual Fluidity - Lisa M Diamond

In 1995, 100 women were recruited for a ten year project, in order to study how female sexuality changed over time.

Big Gay Lifestyle Show 2012 - Planet London brings the community together

In a move to make sure the exhibitors at the event fully reflects lifestyle for lesbian and bi women, Planet London has arranged for a community stall to ensure the events, businesses, DJs and groups we support have a chance to talk to the lesbians and bi women of London face to face.

Lesbian Parents – What’s in a Name?

“So if she’s known as Mummy, what does your daughter call you”? Being two women with a one year old baby, this is a frequent question we are asked. Our answer, which although has had considerable thought thrown at it, is simple in its logic. 

NHS & NICE propose IVF overhaul to give lesbians the right to free fertility treatment

"Same-sex couples and women aged up to 42 may soon be eligible for IVF treatment, according to new draft guidelines published today. The proposals were issued by the National Institute for health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) and featured prominently in the news, although they also include a range of recommendations not covered by the media." According to the NHS website.


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