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3 lesbians and a picnic blanket

This year, Herts launched its first Pride event. In Cassiobury Park in Watford, the whole county came together for one of the best Pride events I have been to in a long time. The atmosphere was like a county fair, a gay county fair.

Brighton Pride - "Thunderbolts and Lightning, very very frightening!"

Lightning storms, long queues, sunshine, drinking, lesbians, the beach, camping, campfires, street parties, pimms, women's performance tent... hear all about Brighton Pride Planet London style in our new high tech-multimedia-vlog-type-thing

How to make a baby... a personal experience by Jene

This is my story of how we (my partner, myself and our baby) got here.

Facing Mirrors Movie Review

This gripping film gives a glimpse not just into that world but also how it is possible for us to move beyond what we were taught as children and see an individual as an individual.

Molly’s Girl Movie Review

Mercedes, an uptight LGBT political lobbiest, has just been dumped by her fiancé when she bumps into kooky Molly in a bar. We know Molly is kooky because we have seen her disastrous attempts at speed dating and she is constantly nearly being run over. Too busy staring at herself in a mirror with her name written on the back to check traffic. 

Mosquita y Mari Movie Review

Two teenage girls meet in their high school class; quiet bookish Mosquita who doesn’t get why the other girls in her class make such a fuss over the and feisty street smart Mari who has just arrived at the school.  Both are outsiders but as Mosquita keeps to her promise of helping Mari catch up with her maths studies a relationship begins to develop. 

Margarita Movie Review

“Margarita” is a gorgeous feel good film about a Mexican nanny who makes Mary Poppins look  like a light weight as she takes care of a well meaning but ineffectual Canadian couple and their fourteen year old daughter who would happily trade Mum and Dad for Margarita. For all that Margarita has lived with the family for six years they have failed to notice that she is an illegal immigrant with no legal rights. 

Les Invisibles and Lesbiana: A Parallel Revolution

By sheer chance I ended up watching these two films back to back and they turned out to be excellent companion pieces, “Les Invisibles” tells the story of ageing gay men and women if France whilst “Lesbiana: A Parallel Revolution” charts the rise of the feminist movement in the US and Canada. The subjects of “Les Invisibles” were born between the 1920s and the end of World War 2. The women in “Lesbiana” are mostly of the baby boomer generation and as the stories of “Les Invisbles” are coming towards an end with the birth of the gay rights movement in France in the the 1970s “Lesbiana” is just starting out with the rise of the feminist and gay rights movements in the USA and Canada.

Thick Relations Movie Review

“Thick Relations” defies traditional description as either fiction or non-fiction as the cast play improvised versions of themselves and the lives they inhabit but then I suspect the last thing the people involved would ever wish to be described as is traditional. 

Routes of Acceptance Movie Review

This concept film, a take on Sliding Doors, if you will, does something I've never seen before in a film - gives the audience three versions of Ryan's life, as we see what would happen depending on which University acceptance she chooses. 

As One In The Park 2013, a new LGBT festival for London

When I first moved to London over 10 years ago now, I used to go along to Finsbury Park to the Big Gay Out. For years now, there has been nothing like it, and I, as well as many of my friends have certainly noticed this. London, such a gay-friendly hub is definitely lacking. Thankfully, Orange Nation have got together with Saturn Star, and in May 2013 will be hosting 'As One in the Park'.

Fringe! is back and better than ever

Four days of enhanced screenings, world premieres, queer classics and cult rarities, Fringe! continues to mix great gay film with high-energy creative events, art happenings, oddball performance, discussion and debate – and upbeat after parties – with many events free! 

Submerge Movie Review

Set in Melbourne, swimmer and student Jordan, with Olympic hopes, is your girl next door lesbian, at ease with her sexual orientation and enjoying her young adult life - although at times she struggles to stay afloat in her highly pressurised drive for success in both swimming and academia - often at conflict with each other.

Choosing a reputable Sperm Donor or Co-parenting Website

Perhaps inevitably, the World Wide Web now has a role in that most human of accomplishments; procreation. Sperm donor websites are becoming increasingly popular in the UK with many people now searching for a sperm donor or co-parent online.

A strong, open and honest first step from London LGBT+ Community Pride

Tonight we were invited along to Heaven who were hosting the first open meeting by London LGBT+ Community Pride. This was their first chance to show us that they were going to do us Proud in 2013 with our pride event, and they did not fail. The overall message was clear, concise and very honest. LCP have a huge challenge on their hands. They have 5 months to put together an event that normally takes 12. On top of that, they are starting from scratch in relation to finance, volunteers and resources. But they are positive, realistic and extremely open.


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