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Out To Swim (OTS) is proud to be offering a range of activities and events in May especially for women who swim, or who want to swim more.

Dare2Care Releases an Anti-Bullying Campaign that's Opening Up Dialogue about Identity

High school can be a minefield of insults and painful experiences, especially for kids on the receiving end of LGBT-targeted bullying. Thrown at any kid who is different, and who may or may not be queer, these kinds of homophobic comments refuse to go away, despite the increased visibility, acceptance and understanding of queer identities in the media. 

Facebook freezing us out

For the second time this week I have seen a rather worrying post - people who used to be able to reach their customers struggling to do so. So what has happened and how does this effect you as an LBQ woman who uses Facebook?

Find your Pride!

How you can help make Pride in London 2014 the best yet

1) Get Marching! There's no other experience like walking in a group as part of the parade and waving to the thousands of Londoners that come out to support the Parade. There's music, there's dancing, there's antics and a great buzz. And if you're lucky, no rain!

A great day for a gay wedding!

The day has finally come. In less than 1 hours time, equal marriage is coming into force in England.

The Lesbian Prom @ Scala

With fantastic headline acts: Lauren Mayberry from Chvrches DJing in the Attic Space, and Charlie XCX fresh from recording with Iggy Azalea on the main stage plus plenty of special guests such as hip hop duo Red N Pink, and DJs, this was always going to be a big night on the LBQ calendar.

SHE 4 ME & Nicole Pacent

Nicole talks about her "inspiring" fan base and some of the horrors LGBT people face around the world, with homosexuality  being illegal, let alone a fight for equal marriage.

The Abominable Crime – when your love is against the law

The Abominable Crime is a documentary that follows the lives of two LGBT people from Jamaica, highlighting the homophobia in the country and the anti-gay violence which has been on the increase by around 400% since 2011.

LGBT History Month & Rainbow Hamlets

Rainbow Hamlets launches new LGBT services in East London — including domestic violence and hate crime casework — plus cutting edge heritage programme and historical resources. 

Well, well, wells - Mary Jane Wells

We had the chance to speak to the gorgeous British-actress-living-in-LA Mary Jane Wells about her career, her work with lesbian film maker extraordinaire Nicole Conn and a very important upcoming piece of political theatre...

Diminishing LGBT visibility continues with the axe of an LGBT dedicated section in Time Out London

This morning Time Out London announced they are losing their dedicated LGBT listings and content section in both the print and online versions of their magazine. LGBT listings will be incorporated into other sections, but editor Paul Burston will no longer be the force behind the listings, reviews and our presence & visibility in the magazine. (Source: Guardian online).

The Virtual Living Room

The VLR is a place where readers and writers of lesbian literature in its permutations (books, e-books, comics, etc) can come together and discuss the works and the topics within them, as well as celebrate the community that lesbian fiction readers can be. 

I Do Movie Review

The themes of I Do are universal, which is why the film has such wide appeal. It's not a political drama about equal marriage, it's not a gay romance film. It's about the complications within families and situations where there are children, in-laws, death and new love. Typically, the new relationship has a giant barrier to overcome if it is going to be successful. Through these complexities, Ross is able to explore the irritatingly frustrating DOMA laws that affected the ability for same sex couples to apply for green cards based on their relationship status.

It's okay to be gay - Celebrity Coming Out Stories

A short collection of coming out stories from some of the most well known members of the UK LGBT community.

From Russia with Love

A one-off theatre show raising money for groups combating homophobia in Russia. When Jennifer Lunn, Artistic Director of Culturcated Theatre Company, had the idea for “From Russia For Love”, she had no idea whether anyone would be interested. “But we put the call out there, and suddenly, we were overwhelmed with people wanting to help and get involved”, said Jennifer. “The response has been just amazing”. 


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