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Wotever DIY Film Festival 2015

A programmer once told me, "if you really want to make a most of a film festival, go to a film that you wouldn't normally select." This always since been my motto in the past few years. The opening gala film 'Stories of Our Lives' was one of them.

Rosie and The Goldbug Review

Short and sweet- the review of Rosie and The Goldbug. 

On The Sofa with Rosie and The Goldbug

Rosie and The Goldbug talk masturbation, Kate Bush and their new single "Running in the Dark" in their interview with Yazy Tauk 

Things You Should NEVER Ask a Lesbian

Us lesbians experience a few weird questions throughout our lives. From shots of rainbows to scissoring, here are the things you should never ask a lesbian. 

Coach Trip: Day One

Wow so we've just had our TV debut and we can tell you we've been on pins for the last few days knowing it was looming.

LGBT Mentoring Volunteer Opportunities

Galop is looking for volunteers to join their hate crime mentor team in London. Could that be you?

Paris: the ONLY support for Newham LGBT youth

We're raising money to ensure the survival of ‘Paris’, our youth group that's dedicated to the needs of LGBTQ (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender or Questioning) young people in Newham

The LGBT Vote - helping to decide

With the elections just around the corner, every day we hear more from various parties about the 'big picture'. However with at least a few weeks to go before the parties publish their manifestos, how do you know which party has the best interests in your LGBT life? To be honest, even when the manifestos are published, it is unlikely to contain specific references to LGBT issues.

Stonewall to officially campaign for Trans rights

Stonewall today announces that it will extend its remit to campaign for trans equality in a landmark report. The historic move follows extensive consultation with over 700 trans people and will see the charity use its platform and experience to help create real change for them.

Every New Year I Choose Love over Fear, and It Makes All the Difference in Every Aspect of My Life

Every moment when I choose love over fear, I am transforming my life into a more peaceful existence. For the past five years, love has won out more than fear, and it has made all the difference.

All we have are moments. I try my best to make each one filled with love, and I invite you to join me. 

FILM: You Can’t Escape Lithuania

Lithuanian gay activist makes film to voice the LGBT rights debate in the Baltics You Can’t Escape Lithuania is a feature film about a fictional version of me, a gay filmmaker from Europe.

Positive Change Arts - making a difference

Kerry Rush runs Positive Change Arts, a community organisation supporting the wellbeing of young women and men, in particular survivors of domestic and sexual abuse who have had interactions with the criminal justice system.

AKT Turns 25, but still so much to do

Today (July 7th) marks the 25th anniversary of the UK’s Lesbian, Gay Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) youth homelessness charity, The Albert Kennedy Trust (AKT), celebrated with a Reception at Manchester Town Hall hosted by Lord Mayor of the City of Manchester, Councilor Susan Cooley. 

Pride's Got Talent finalists to perform on Pride in London Stage & Winner announced

Entertainers and performing artists of every kind were judged by an expert panel on Sunday 15th June. The judges chose one overall winner and eleven runners-up from hundreds who applied. The winner, Dorian Reland, is to perform in Trafalgar Square at Pride in London on 28th June.

Where art and science make magic: Fun Palaces for 2014

Recently announced, Fun Palaces with a modern twist, the brainchild of Duffy, who has teamed up with Co-Director Sarah-Jane Rawlings, has received nearly £200,000 from Arts Council England to support the development of a national Fun Palaces festival (presented by The Albany and Fun Palaces) that will see over 100 pop up Fun Palace events take place around the country on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 October 2014.


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