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The history of Planet London

Do you know how long Planet London has been running? Why it started? What it offers? Read on and find out!

Out at Sea and Land: My experiences of life before and after the ban was lifted

Sixteen years ago the ban was lifted on gay and lesbian people serving in the UK Armed Forces. At the time I was an Army Bursar, meaning that the Army was paying towards my University education and in return I had committed to serving 5 years after I graduated.

Broken Rainbow Helpline facing closure

Broken Rainbow's helpline is again facing a severely reduced service or closure. Due to the end of Government funding and no firm commitment of continued support.

LGBT History Month magazine

LGBT History Month is upon us!

Each year, there is a free magazine produced around LGBT History Month.

This year, the theme is religion, belief and philosophy.

Save MOSAIC LGBT Youth Centre

Help hundreds of LGBT young persons have a safe space they can call their own

Building a diverse community

I personally love the fact that I get to interact with so many different people, and that I have friends across different social economic areas. I also am aware that it means that we often have very different views of some areas – but this gives me an opportunity to learn, open my mind to other points of view. I understand that not everyone is able to do this.

Lewisham LGBT Group

Having met Susan it became clear that we were both very similar in our love for the community and so we decided to come together and create a new group on Facebook called Lewisham LGBT in an attempt to encourage all those LGBT people living in and around the borough to come out of the woodworks and meet each other.

Barberette has a close shave with Planet London

Not only did I let Klara lose on my hair (and my boobs!) but I even did so with the clippers and razor!

Stop Online Abuse: Know your rights: report, complain, campaign

The explosion of social media and interactive websites is a fantastic way for LBQT women to connect with each other, and share information, opinions and ideas. But sometimes these online interactions become abusive and harmful, both within and outside our community.

First LGBT Poet Laureate Selected

This inaugural post of LGBT Poet Laureate was devised by Camden LGBT Forum to promote LGBT poetry in London and the UK.

Ultimate Planet and Student Pride Partner again for 2016

Ultimate Planet are delighted to announce that we will be working together with National Student Pride for another year!

Proud to support National Student Pride 2016

Ultimate Planet are delighted to announce that we will be working together with National Student Pride for another year!

Save Planet London

We need to take a step back from running Planet London - but we want to ensure the website stays live in our absence

TelloFilms Crowdfunding, the distributor for She's in London is giving away lots of goodies from their previous web series to fund future projects!

Heartichoke: Diverse Comedy Series

From the creators of the ‘My Genderation’ documentary project comes Heartichoke - a quirky, Brighton-based comedy series


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