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All Together Now - featuring Chloe Akam!

All Together Now, hosted by comedian Rob Beckett, is a brand new six-part entertainment series for anyone who believes their voice could win them £50,000. You may well recognise one of The 100 panel of experts - our very own Chloe Akam from London!

Freelancers Anonymous

Award-winning Spanish filmmaker Sonia Sebastian teams up with playwright Amy Dellagiarino and Lisa Cordileone to bring you Freelancers Anonymous.

Friends of The Joiners Arms Celebrates Winning Landmark Campaign

Tower Hamlets Council today granted a key victory to the Friends of the Joiners Arms campaign, insisting that developers must provide a late-license LGBTQ+ venue in plans that would otherwise see the iconic East End pub demolished without replacement. Councillors voted unanimously to commit developers to grant a 25 year lease for an LGBTQ+ venue, replicating the late operating hours of the original venue (The former opening times of the Joiners Arms were 4am on weekends, 3am Thursdays and Sundays, and 2am Monday to Wednesday), and insisting the GLA explore ways for “maintaining a local link to elected representatives, and to the LGBTQ+ community” in selecting an operator for the venue.

Pride in London is called to account by the Community Advisory Board

The Community Advisory Board today released its post-event report on Pride in London. I have a mixture of emotions about it. I’m happy to see the experiences and feelings of many of the community expressed in writing, and it certainly completely confirms the experiences of all those who contacted me in frustration/upset/discontent in the run up to Pride; however I’m also sad. I love London, and I love Pride – but I love a Pride that is as diverse and inclusive as the LGBT community with which I feel a part of and this year I have never felt so distant from Pride.

P3 Kids Fun Run

Do your kids, nieces, nephews or little cousins get bored easily? Are you struggling to keep your little ones occupied and entertained? Or you are still looking for any fun outdoor events where they can make some good memories and friends? 

Join P3 in Victoria Park this August!

Being Bi at Pride

It’s not always safe under that purple flag

Last month marked the 12th anniversary of the death of Brenda Howard, also known as “The Mother of Pride”. She was called this thanks to her role in coordinating the 1970 Christopher Street Liberation Rally, marking the year anniversary of the Stonewall riots. Yep, you got it – the first ever Pride march. Brenda was, incidentally, bisexual.

Rotterdam rocks at The Arts Theatre

2017 is the year of lesbian theatre. In London alone this year there have been over 20 plays taking place across London and Brighton alone, including Her Aching Heart, The Elephant Girls and Joan. I’ve been reviewing lesbian-themed theatre now for around 6 years in the city and whilst most of it is fringe theatre in theatres above pubs; the quality is growing and growing and Rotterdam is certainly aiming for the top spot, and is absolutely worthy of its current home in The Arts Theatre.

Wood at Brighton Fringe

Wood is showing in Brighton as part of Brighton Fringe 2017 at The Lantern @ New Steine Gardens, New Steine, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 1PB from 22 May to 4 June 2017 at 7pm. The show is produced by Boxed In Theatre.

Sexual Fears of a Modern Day Virgin at Brighton Fringe

Sexual Fears of a Mordern Day Virgin is showing in Brighton as part of Brighton Fringe 2017 at The Lantern @ ACT, 8-10 Rock Place, BN2 1PF on 1, 2 and 3 June at 22:00.

Cinebra at Brighton Fringe

Guiding us through the show are lovable characters Megan and Sophie, two seventeen year old girls who LOVE horror films. But the cabaret-cum-theatre show is less about their relationship to the films, and more about the relationship between the pair.

Being bi and with a guy

There’s no denying it – relationships truly define us. And unfortunately, if you’re bisexual, your identity can easily be misread.

Date a female-spectrum person and they assume you’re a lesbian, date a male-spectrum person and they assume you’re heterosexual.

Super Cally Fragile Lipstick at Brighton Fringe

Super Cally Fragile Lipstick is the latest stand-up performance from comedian Cally Beaton. It is showing in Brighton as part of Brighton Fringe at The Blue Man Cafe on 6 May, 27 May and 3 June at 15:00. 

Interview with Mzz Kimberley on playing Mzz Demeanour in Spectrum London

Following the release of Spectrum London (check out the review here), I had a quick call with Mzz Kimberley. Mzz Kimberley performs regularly in London’s Supperclub, The Glory, The Ivy club, The RVT, The Brompton Club, Shoreditch House, The Cellar Door & the Edinburgh festival.

LBQ Film: About a Donkey

A feature film with a lot of wit, a lot of heart, & a little donkey.

Top 6 Lesbian Picks for BFI Flare 2017

With so many films on offer it can be difficult to know where to begin. Even if you have seen our full list and detailed programme, you may only want to see one or two films and even narrowing that down can be a challenge... so this is our Top 6 picks:


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