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Cocktails that won't make you blush - Blush Bar cocktail night

Naomi popped along to check out Blush Bar's Pop Up cocktail night. Blush Bar transforms on a Thursday night and becomes Lez Lounge with the Cocktail Gardener. First impressions are a luxurious evening, and more than your average cocktail on offer.

Lucy Spraggan @ The Borderline

It was clear on entry that Spraggan has a hardcore dedicated fanbase, generally young-ish, mostly lesbian. Constant yells of "We love Lucy" rang out whilst we waited patiently for her to come on stage.

How to make a baby... a personal experience by Jene

This is my story of how we (my partner, myself and our baby) got here.

Vanessa and Virginia

Adapted from the novel of the same name by Susan Sellers, Vanessa & Virginia, opens at the Riverside Studios, Hammersmith following its European tour.

God Des and She

Despite the jet lag, extreme tiredness and huge list of jobs to be done at Planet London HQ, following a heads up from Ingo of this fabulous gig (the first in the UK and part of their first European tour fresh from Germany), we headed down to the Royal Vauxhall Tavern for Bar Wotever.

LLGFF Review The Perfect Family

I was quite excited about The Perfect Family, in fact it was the one film I was determined to see. Still, I rolled into the theatre just in time and brought an entire row to their feet to let me in during the opening credits.

As One In The Park 2013, a new LGBT festival for London

When I first moved to London over 10 years ago now, I used to go along to Finsbury Park to the Big Gay Out. For years now, there has been nothing like it, and I, as well as many of my friends have certainly noticed this. London, such a gay-friendly hub is definitely lacking. Thankfully, Orange Nation have got together with Saturn Star, and in May 2013 will be hosting 'As One in the Park'.

Fringe! is back and better than ever

Four days of enhanced screenings, world premieres, queer classics and cult rarities, Fringe! continues to mix great gay film with high-energy creative events, art happenings, oddball performance, discussion and debate – and upbeat after parties – with many events free! 

Submerge Movie Review

Set in Melbourne, swimmer and student Jordan, with Olympic hopes, is your girl next door lesbian, at ease with her sexual orientation and enjoying her young adult life - although at times she struggles to stay afloat in her highly pressurised drive for success in both swimming and academia - often at conflict with each other.

Choosing a reputable Sperm Donor or Co-parenting Website

Perhaps inevitably, the World Wide Web now has a role in that most human of accomplishments; procreation. Sperm donor websites are becoming increasingly popular in the UK with many people now searching for a sperm donor or co-parent online.

Book review: Binding Devotion - Kiki Archer

The perfect job, the perfect marriage and the perfect result in the campaigning fight. Or is all as it seems?

Liberte and Habibi - 2 great club nights

If you're looking for a new night, or perhaps haven't been to Liberté or Habibi in a while, why not check them out in March or April? Liberté has been around a whopping 16 years and is still going strong.

Freakoid (Ovalhouse)

Dear quiet unassuming Emma 4, we have all met her at some point in our life. A woman of a certain age who has lived a disappointing life which has left her, well, a tad neurotic and lets be honest we’ve all discounted her as a boring and pointless. However, in this whip-smart show Emma 4 is anything but. 

Lesbian portrayal in plays - death, drama, destruction but no happy ending

Whilst a large amount of LGBT drama in theatres in London is something of a good thing and not something I want to see change (Desolate Heaven, Sour Lips, Stop Kiss, Freakoid and Love on Trial this month alone - we're quite literally spoilt for choice!); I have to admit that I would like to see more plays with a positive story, or at least a happy ending.

A Roasting at Blush Bar

The portion sizes were perfect, on large plates. The generous meat came with three fresh seasonal veg as well as home made roast potatoes and my favourite part, 2 yorkshire puddings (both of which are available for seconds). The veg was cooked exactly to our taste, the meat tender and all served speedily despite much of it being cooked fresh to order.


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