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L Fest 2013 - we came, we saw, we flippy-cupped...

With music playing to get our party started, we opened up at 1pm on Friday ready for business. By the end of the weekend, we'd met hundreds of lovely LFesters, hosted a breakfast, mingled, Jenga-ed, played drinking games with Jill Bennett and 150 women, MCed celesbian Twister (thanks Jill), seen music, comedy and arts events, bonded, snogged and cried at the thought of going home. 

Chica Bonita @ Candy Bar

It is refreshing to have this kind of event for women only - lesbian/bi women only in a very safe space and dancers who have insight into women's tastes.

An Audience with Martina Navratilova

There was Martina Navratilova and Clare Balding sitting opposite each other as if they were in their front room having a good old catch up. 

Are you hAPPy with Brenda, LezFindr, Dattch & FindHrr? We tried and tested them all!

These days most of us have a smartphone, it is surgically attached to us and we use it to communicate. Additionally we us social media. There are a number of apps now available for lesbians to find each other, so I've downloaded them, played about with them and have reviewed them here so you can choose the right one for you!

But aren't we already friends?

There is a big scam taking place on Facebook that could effect you. If you're on Facebook read on, and share with your friends too.

Stud Life - sexy, butch, real

The winner of Screen Nation's Independent Spirit Film Production Award, STUD LIFE is the debut feature written and directed by multi-award winning filmmaker Campbell X. The film received its UK premiere at the BFI London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.

Stud Life Movie Review

STUD LIFE is a rare look at a slice of British urban life, which pays homage to Spike Lee’s She’s Gotta Have It and the self-documenting style of Steven Soderbergh’s Sex, Lies and Videotape and tells a tale of a multi-cultural LGBT London. 

But She is My Student & Instigations (the Kat and Freya series) by Kiki Archer

It's not very often we get lesbian romance stories with a happy ending, and that is what Kiki Archer offers us through these two journeys of Kat and Freya's relationship as it blossoms from a kiss in a nightclub to a lifetime of happiness.

The Darlings: Straight –Talking

This weekend London’s lesbian community theatre troupe The Darlings, previously The Drill Hall Darlings, offered a one-off performance with some ‘Straight Talking’.  The show’s the six cast members recounted various stories, some personal others humorously fictional, throughout the hour-long performance.

Pride Before the Fall - What's on offer for women in this summer's Pride events?

We take a look at what's specifically aimed at women at this year's Pride events. This article will be updated as we get more information from each local Pride event.

Blue Monday: Live, Loud (and in your living room!)

Blue Monday is an amazing live music event run for lesbian and bi women but welcoming to all who are like minded. For those who don't live in London or who are housebound (don't spread your winter bugs!) fear not as this truly amazing night is streamed live, you can even watch previous events at your own convenience. If you prefer the live atmosphere the night is free to enter and drinks are pretty reasonable too. Blue Monday is hosted by Miri Hersh. She has an amazing team behind her to pull off this modern music medley.

Girl Play - web series

Girl Play will feature eight fifteen to twenty minute episodes about four feminine lesbian women who are focused on finding love, exhilarating careers, and most importantly, their own identities.

"A hair's breadth" - what's between and beyond?

"One month, one chair, one barber. We talked to every client who sat down every Saturday in January 2013, and now we're having an exhibition to show you what happened."


Interview: A Hair's Breadth

"One month, one chair, one barber. We talked to every client who sat down every Saturday in January 2013, and now we're having an exhibition to show you what happened."

Book Review: Leap by Z Egloff

It's the start of Summer 1979 and Rowan Marks is in what should be the start of a carefree yawning gulf between high school graduation and College starting.


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