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It's okay to be gay - Celebrity Coming Out Stories

A short collection of coming out stories from some of the most well known members of the UK LGBT community.

From Russia with Love

A one-off theatre show raising money for groups combating homophobia in Russia. When Jennifer Lunn, Artistic Director of Culturcated Theatre Company, had the idea for “From Russia For Love”, she had no idea whether anyone would be interested. “But we put the call out there, and suddenly, we were overwhelmed with people wanting to help and get involved”, said Jennifer. “The response has been just amazing”. 

Counting Down the Seconds (short story anthology)

The winning and runner-up entries chosen to represent the field in this publication cover all genres, styles and types of relationship and types of lesbian/bi woman.

Stonewall Fundraiser: Girls' Night Out

Laughter, in the name of equality

Interview: Lucy Spraggan talks to us about fans, life and the future

Beer Fear, Boobs & Pride...

Following a short-lived appearance on X-Factor, something which she is clear to acknowledge was a spring board to all that's happened in her career throughout 2013, Lucy Spraggan has rocketed onto the pop music scene.

Gretel: A Fairytale retold

This quirky but poignant tale flips traditional fairy tale monster narrative into a equality based morality tale with a lesbian twist.

3 lesbians and a picnic blanket

This year, Herts launched its first Pride event. In Cassiobury Park in Watford, the whole county came together for one of the best Pride events I have been to in a long time. The atmosphere was like a county fair, a gay county fair.

Are you sure you're not pregnant?

I am so fed up having to explain to GPs and gynaecologists my justification for knowing, 100% for certain, that I am not pregnant. 

Chart a Chick

There's a new website for women based in London Town. The two female owners have really got "it" going down! The site has many cool features and most are free to use. There's dating for singles or couples and lots more to amuse. If you're in a band or an artist, why not create a page? Add gig dates or advertise events, it won't take an age. Why not promote your business, if you have one? This is a unique online community, a place to have fun. Upload photos and videos or simply log in to engage. There's so many services in fact a whole range!

Tender, Loving... TLC

Party tunes were the dancers' choice as they took to the floor (and the poles!) and each other to shake some booty, and this month we were not disappointed with special guest DJ Christina Novelli.

The flirting continued late into the night, creating a hot, friendly ambiance where no woman was left on her own (even if she arrived that way...)

TLC - Big Friday Flirt

Welcomed by the King of Flirting Adam All and our very friendly Planeteers, lovely lesbians and bi women looking to mingle were treated to a very special pre-TLC event in the Planet Pinked up Green Carnation space.

Hang on to Summer with "The Spring Tide" at Old Red Lion Theatre Islington

More lesbian themed theatre for Londoners as the World Premiere of The Spring Tide, a modern day love story of transformation and hope takes place in September at London’s Old Red Lion Theatre in Islington.

Brighton Pride - "Thunderbolts and Lightning, very very frightening!"

Lightning storms, long queues, sunshine, drinking, lesbians, the beach, camping, campfires, street parties, pimms, women's performance tent... hear all about Brighton Pride Planet London style in our new high tech-multimedia-vlog-type-thing

Is Print Dead? Long live the Internet

With the announcement of G3 Magazine publishing their last ever print magazine this month, we ask is print journalism still relevant for the lesbian and bi women community?


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