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Diminishing LGBT visibility continues with the axe of an LGBT dedicated section in Time Out London

This morning Time Out London announced they are losing their dedicated LGBT listings and content section in both the print and online versions of their magazine. LGBT listings will be incorporated into other sections, but editor Paul Burston will no longer be the force behind the listings, reviews and our presence & visibility in the magazine. (Source: Guardian online).

Bah-Humbug - the uncelebration of what's wrong with Christmas (VG Lee & Rose Collis)

Rose Collis opened with her banjo and stories of gender bending christmases past, with plenty of dramatic dyke-ness in a style not unlike that of "grumpy old women" but more interesting and funnier. For example, did you know that christmas cards were invented by the man who invented the stamp. Capitalism at its best. And over 1.8bn cards are send each year in the UK. 

And the winner is... what the Planet London Ultimate Awards mean to us

When Naomi and I were driving round the west coast of America on our honeymoon this year, we first discussed the idea of running Planet London awards. 

What's Your Label?

“Un-Labelled” is the theme of this year’s TEDx Women conference in Covent Garden ( Author and inspiring speaker Yang-May Ooi will be closing the live event with her personal “coming out” story which is rich with universal themes. Here, she shares with Ultimate Planet what being Un-Labelled means to her.

The Virtual Living Room

The VLR is a place where readers and writers of lesbian literature in its permutations (books, e-books, comics, etc) can come together and discuss the works and the topics within them, as well as celebrate the community that lesbian fiction readers can be. 

Femme lesbian visibility

It was less than 9 months ago that Pink Lobster Dating launched in the UK.  When Juliette Prais created the company she wanted it to be a safe haven for Femme Lesbians to meet one another.  Now it also has regular Celebrity Interviews, a huge range of writers, advisors offering women one to one support and is constantly branching out. 

The first UK Lesbian Prom (at Scala)

The Lesbian Prom is the first event of its kind. Brought to you by MissFit we are going to fill Scala full of hot women, epic music and lots of drinks.

Playing My Love by Angela Peach

A complex romance that brings together two very different but appealing women in a tricky situation, that makes it difficult to be together.

'Dyke the Halls' and pickled onions- controversy amongst the (un)festive

When Rose Collis and VG Lee put their heads together one night, and came up with an alternative pre-Christmas show for those of us not completely taken up with Christmas festivities, they did not imagine the event would end up in a social media storm. 

Gay's the Word on all things LGBT literature

Gay's The Word bookshop is one of the final few remaining LGBT orientated book shops in the country. It is home to keeping the LGBT literary scene alive for everyone interested

One foot onto the Ice - Kiki Archer

A blast from the past stirs up unexpected chemistry between two opposites - philandering laid-back Ski Instructor Jenna and uptight school teacher Susan Quinn.

"She's Electric" Lucy Spraggan Live at Shepherd's Bush Empire

Two singles, One album and a #7 chart position later, Lucy has become the full package. From aflop to electric dreams, it's a transformation of the highest order.

I Do Movie Review

The themes of I Do are universal, which is why the film has such wide appeal. It's not a political drama about equal marriage, it's not a gay romance film. It's about the complications within families and situations where there are children, in-laws, death and new love. Typically, the new relationship has a giant barrier to overcome if it is going to be successful. Through these complexities, Ross is able to explore the irritatingly frustrating DOMA laws that affected the ability for same sex couples to apply for green cards based on their relationship status.

Easy Abby - the lesbian web series phenonmenon

Web series are fast becoming the platform to view high quality lesbian 'TV' content, and the quantity of what's available is growing as fast as the quality.

Something to Pout About - 4th Birthday and a new venue!

POUT is back with a-vengeance for it's 4th Birthday, making it one of the most established club nights around for lesbians and bi women in London.


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