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Camellia (Book one) by Cari Z and Caitlin Ricci

This is the first in a series of Camellia books and this one definitely left me wanting to read more. Whether you are, or aren’t, interested in BDSM, I would recommend reading Camellia. It is much more than whips & chains, it is a story of two very different women who come together through their work and how a business relationship can very quickly turn into a personal one. 


Out To Swim (OTS) is proud to be offering a range of activities and events in May especially for women who swim, or who want to swim more.

Planet London 4 "SHE 4 ME"

Here are Planet London, we are standing up and supporting our US LGBT family, as well as all of our LGBT brothers and sisters around the world who aren't as lucky as we are now here in the UK, to say NOW is the time for same-sex marriage to be legal EVERYWHERE.

The Best Dinah ever?

Club Skirts breaks all attendance records as crowds gathered from all over the globe to witness what some are calling the best Dinah line up in history.

SHE4ME Love Warriors #LoveIsLove

The Love Warriors - the thousands of women being active on social media - are a key part of getting the video and the message out there. As the stars of the video put it, 

SHE4ME and Nicole Conn

What Marriage Equality would mean for Nicole and indeed "all of us", is "humanity acknowledging we are humans with the same rights as straight people". As Nicole puts it,
"love between any two people is acceptable and society – every soul deserves that right."

Kill It Kid Live at Chick Habit

Usually a 4 piece band, however for this intimate performance, Steph and Chris did a one off acoustic stripped down set for Chick Habit. They did some covers and some of their own material, focusing on a country and blues sort of sound, just the two of them and a guitar.

SHE4ME and Jen Foster

Jen and Sue took the decision to align with Marriage Equality, the organisation, and also to be patient in waiting for things to come together to make a special video that would really be a "statement". It was not always a straightforward process to get supporters on board and keep them on board and wait for things to fall in place, but well worth the wait in our opinion. 

SHE 4 ME & Nicole Pacent

Nicole talks about her "inspiring" fan base and some of the horrors LGBT people face around the world, with homosexuality  being illegal, let alone a fight for equal marriage.

The latest on SHE... it's one month old!

Re-inventing and hosting some of the already much loved events such as Laughing Labia & BOI Box, SHE has introduced new events such as ‘Speed Dating’ in connection with Pink Lobster. Many more events are due to be  announced over the next few weeks from burlesque to some special shows from the infamous ‘Short & Girlie Show’.

Game, set & roast - board games & roast dinner @ Bar Titania

A semi-regular venture of Brighton’s Dining D’s membership group to London selected new women’s venue Bar Titania for their most recent event. With Sunday roasts on offer, who wouldn’t?

Is Monogamy Dead? Rosie Wilby @ Canada Water Culture Space

Disgruntled serial monogamist Rosie Wilby presents a loose sequel to her Fringe Report Award winning show The Science Of Sex.

The Abominable Crime – when your love is against the law

The Abominable Crime is a documentary that follows the lives of two LGBT people from Jamaica, highlighting the homophobia in the country and the anti-gay violence which has been on the increase by around 400% since 2011.

Interview: Diving in Deep with 'Submerge' producer Kat Holmes

SUBMERGE explores the conflict that can arise from indulging one's desires in a modern, consumerist world of endless choice. Jordan, a 20 year old athletic university student has added another extracurricular activity to her over-scheduled life—seducing her tutor, Angie, while doing research work for Angie’s professor partner.

Guilty Hearts by Jade Winters

Guilty Hearts follows the lives of two women, Rachel & Kathryn. Rachel is a journalist for a new women’s magazine and Kathryn is an interior designer to the rich and famous.


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