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ITV is looking for you!

Are you a single woman living in London? Do you like good food? ITVBE's Dinner Date is looking for you!

Debbie Louise Cannon - an introduction

An introduction from Debbie Louise Cannon our new trans-lesbian contributor.

Victorian and Gay - Theatre Review

Victorian and gay, an Another Soup production brings good natured Christmas cheer to whatever times one could be living this holiday season.

2016... will you be at Velvet Ibiza? Come join us!

We are absolutely delighted to be UK Media Partner for Velvet Ibiza - below is a bit of an introduction to what Velvet Ibiza has to offer!

Velvet 69, the legendary lesbian clubbing brand that puts on the Velvet Brussels and now Velvet Ibiza events, wants to apologise if you missed one truly epic party on the White Island. Sorry you missed one truly epic party! 

Documentary Rebel Dykes coming soon!

Before there were Riot Grrls, before there were Queer Activists, there were the Rebel Dykes who lived in  London in the 1980s;  the world has never been quite the same since.

A feature length documentary is in production which will tell their story. 

Beth Prior Studio Album

This project is all about getting the album into the studio creating the sounds that have been going through Beth's head for some time now AND share the true spirit of Little Acts of Kindness.

MIRI - EP Crowdfunder

"Please join me in this campaign to help me record and release my sound vibrations EP digitally."

Things You Should NEVER Ask a Lesbian

Us lesbians experience a few weird questions throughout our lives. From shots of rainbows to scissoring, here are the things you should never ask a lesbian. 


Planet Nation needs volunteers for a number of reasons.

Book Review: The Girl with the Treasure Chest

The debut novel of Veronica Fearon, The Girl with the Treasure Chest is a fast-paced entertaining read, combining London's lesbian and gangland worlds in a story of obsession, violence and searing passion.

Every New Year I Choose Love over Fear, and It Makes All the Difference in Every Aspect of My Life

Every moment when I choose love over fear, I am transforming my life into a more peaceful existence. For the past five years, love has won out more than fear, and it has made all the difference.

All we have are moments. I try my best to make each one filled with love, and I invite you to join me. 

A Day in the Life... croaking to Christmas

Thankfully NYE this year is looking to be a good one, with 8 parties to choose from! There is something for every music taste, location and budget. Read of NYE run down to decide - getting tickets in advanced is recommended to prevent disappointment!

Are you G-A-Y enough?

It has never been a secret to me that many a straight person has been refused entry to all G-A-Y premises. Even a lot of "feminine" looking lesbians have been refused entry and actually told "you're not gay" by bouncers. This is a joke for many reasons... 

My First Manchester Pride – Sunshine and Fun Times

After 8 years of revelling at prides around the country, I somehow have never made it to Manchester Pride until this year. 

Living la vida L Fest

What's a little rain to a thousand lesbians? Do you think it would really get in the way of one of the most smashing weekends on the annual calendar?


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