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Bijou at Tart Bar

Walking into the bar, I immediately felt cool. Not the fake cool, the one that oversells itself and everything that supposedly makes it good, but real cool – understated, funky and chilled out.

Clare Summerskill, stand-up, writer, actress, & singer-songwriter

Clare Summerskill tells Planet London how being a lesbian has influenced her career

Candy Bar Girls Planet London Tweet up – the drinking game!

Watch the Candy Bar Girls next Thursday and play the Planet London Candy Bar Girls drinking game next Thursday @ 10pm.

Stella Duffy, author, playwright, improviser and performer

Stella Duffy is the author of seven literary novels including her latest, ‘Theodora, Actress, Empress, Whore’. Two of her other novels, ‘The Room of Lost Things’ and ‘State of Happiness’ were both long-listed for the Orange Prize.

The Madness of Sister George (film)

A quote from Beryl Reid herself when trying to sum up ‘The Killing of Sister George’.  I couldn’t agree more.  It is often described as a comedy and yet I find the film both harrowing and sad.  There are lines to make you laugh - Beryl Reid is given the best ones and plays them perfectly -   but a comfortable watch this is not as we take a journey with these characters through power, loss, change and desire. 

Desert Hearts - string of lights

It isn’t about the glitz and the glam, there are no funky hairdos (well…), no swearing, drugs.  It is a love story.  Pure and simple.  And as a love story, it still works. And anyone who believes in wanting a string of lights around their heart will absolutely bask in its brilliance. 

The Children's Hour

A lot has been made of the performance of the Lynch-pin character, Mary, outshining Knightley and Moss. Easy to do when the character allows for a show stealing turn, but what was most important was the juxtaposition of a poisonous, selfish child to two hard working good women. The subtlety of the under played teachers was what impressed me.  


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