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Increasing women's visibility in the workplace with LB Women

Calling all out women in the workplace (and those of you not quite out too!)... LB Women has been created to support you!

Following a successful launch event, we're extremely excited about the launch of this endeavour as it is about a topic close to the hearts of the Planet Nation team, the visibility of women and supporting women to be their best. Find out more by searching online using the hashtag #LBWomen

The soulful voice of Sofia B

Sofia B is a London-based artist who has been increasingly visible on the music scene in London over the last year. If you haven't already managed to catch Sofia B on the Pride in London stage, I highly recommend you check out her next gig. We popped along to her recent gig at the GreenNote to see how her music is progressing.

Karma the Assassin Book Review

I have a recommendation for you.

Karma The Assassin Book One. It's a book about power.

"As Told By Us" Murder Mystery Book Review

"As Told By Us" is an eclectic mixture of romance and murder. Main Character, Layla Crimson, delves into a new and local LGBT scene where she is met with love, lust, and deceit. Her seemingly split personality leads the reader down a path of falling in love with her, and being unsure of her at the same time. Join Layla as she takes hearts, and experiences heartbreak as suicide rates seem to be on the rise in her small town. Who will be the next to die?

New night launching in Brighton!

Summer may be nearly over but September brings the launch of an exciting new women’s social night in Brighton

Croydon PrideFest Launches with a bang

Croydon PrideFest, London’s second biggest pride, will kick off at 1.30pm with a parade through the town centre to Surrey Street, where the main festival will take place with a stage hosting live music and other acts throughout the day.

The Alternative Parenting Show returns to London

The Alternative Parenting Show showcases alternative ways to start a family including single parent by choice, co-parents, LGBT parents, fostering & adoption and surrogacy.

Happy Midweek News - Planet

*Drum Roll, Please.*

So, we have some Big Announcements.

First things first, we have managed to save Planet London.


The end is near...

Launched in 2011, Planet London has been going for 5 years. In that time Naomi has invested over £11,000 and the business has invested nearly £10,000 directly into lesbian events, film and businesses. Find out how Planet London has supported your scene...

The truth about fats

But let’s start things off right so suggestion is to start with licking some avocado off some sexy girl’s neck…. Not only will you be eating a healthy treat but also you might get laid in the process. I mean who said healthy eating couldn’t be sexy?

#TheDinah2016 Hot as L pool party and White Party round up

Katie and Naomi's round up of Friday at #TheDinah

Velvet Ibiza packs a punch in Spain

Velvet Ibiza launched in 2015 and is already packing a punch in Europe as a lesbian festival.

Club Punta Arabi is a resort with an all inclusive service, located 300 metres from Cala Martina Beach. The resort has a large outdoor pool and 2 poolside bars, an open air theater and a big nightclub. What more could you want? Oh yes; the best in DJs, artists and entertainment from around the world!

Dating as a trans-lesbian

For a transgender woman the whole idea of dating is one that terrifies most of us.... Debbie Louise Cannon talks about dating as a trans-lesbian

Building a diverse community

I personally love the fact that I get to interact with so many different people, and that I have friends across different social economic areas. I also am aware that it means that we often have very different views of some areas – but this gives me an opportunity to learn, open my mind to other points of view. I understand that not everyone is able to do this.

Haters Gonna Hate - Why I'll always be grateful for the likes of Jeremy Clarkson & Germaine Greer

Jeremy Clarkson; Germaine Greer and TERFS (Transgender Exclusionary Feminists) are doing their best to make a bad name for transgender people and equality. I'll always be grateful for people like them.....


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