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Farewell to another lesbian icon - a lesson to us all?

Social media in the lesbian community is active this morning with the news of the closure of After Ellen.  The question is will we as a community learn from this and support our fellow LBQ women who support our visibility; or will we simply share status updates with unhappy emojis on social media and go back to the same old. I guess only time will tell.

Ole Ole to Ola Girls

Ola Girls is an extremely well organised and produced affair, and outstanding value for money. With accommodation options to suit all budgets and travel preferences (from self catered sharing apartments to 4* luxury hotels), and with so much included in the festival ticket pack, it is possible not to spend any further cash once you arrive. With acommodation and party packs from as little as €150 for one night (or activities only passes at €99) the festival is very accessible to all. 

Coach Trip: The wheels are rolling....

So, it's been a few days since we made our TV debut on Channel 4's Coachtrip, and the initial feelings of total humiliation are starting to subside. The feedback from various sources are still coming at us thick and fast and we've already been recognised a couple of times when out and about. All of it is positive, and so far, we are really pleased with the response and how we've been portrayed. Let's hope the edit stays as honest as we were during the trip!

Diminishing LGBT visibility continues with the axe of an LGBT dedicated section in Time Out London

This morning Time Out London announced they are losing their dedicated LGBT listings and content section in both the print and online versions of their magazine. LGBT listings will be incorporated into other sections, but editor Paul Burston will no longer be the force behind the listings, reviews and our presence & visibility in the magazine. (Source: Guardian online).

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