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A Day in the Life with Carine

Find out more about the Velvet Ibiza lesbian festival organiser, Carine - what motivates her, what she is creating, and why you should join Planet Nation at the festival in 2018!

Velvet Ibiza 2018 - guide to the DJs

Find out about the DJs at Velvet Ibiza and book your ticket to join us in the sun in 2018!

Velvet Ibiza 2018 - guide to accommodation

Find out about the accommodation at Velvet Ibiza and book your ticket to join us in the sun in 2018!

Comfort in paradise at Velvet Ibiza

In the third of our series on Velvet Ibiza we tell you more about the lovely accommodation and hotel facilities...

Hey DJ play that song at Velvet Ibiza

We're super excited about Velvet Ibiza and have been checking out the line up for the festival. We've highlighted below all the DJs, including a couple of our favourites.

Beli shares her experience of Velvet Ibiza

We hear from Beli who attended Velvet Ibiza in 2015 and 2016...

After experiencing both editions of Velvet Ibiza (2015 & 2016) I can only say that I thought that the first year was already great, but the 2016 edition was even better!  Unlike films where the sequel often does not match the first film, Velvet Ibiza festival was great the first year and managed to build upon the first year’s success to be bigger and better in the second.

Save money at Velvet Ibiza in 2017!

We came, we conquered in 2016 and now we return with an amazing offer so that you can also enjoy this fabulous festival but at a discounted price!

A lesbian utopia in Spain

Velvet Ibiza is Spain’s newest lesbian festival. It is only the second year the festival has run, and I was happy to see that a large number of the women at the festival were returning following a great time last year

L Fest 2016 Line Up

The 2016 lesbian festival as it is announced...

Velvet Ibiza packs a punch in Spain

Velvet Ibiza launched in 2015 and is already packing a punch in Europe as a lesbian festival.

Club Punta Arabi is a resort with an all inclusive service, located 300 metres from Cala Martina Beach. The resort has a large outdoor pool and 2 poolside bars, an open air theater and a big nightclub. What more could you want? Oh yes; the best in DJs, artists and entertainment from around the world!

The Dinah final run down

With a month to go, the line up is looking hot, hot, hot!

We can't wait for The Dinah this year; and it isn't too late to join us!

Check out the full line up for this year:

2016... will you be at Velvet Ibiza? Come join us!

We are absolutely delighted to be UK Media Partner for Velvet Ibiza - below is a bit of an introduction to what Velvet Ibiza has to offer!

Velvet 69, the legendary lesbian clubbing brand that puts on the Velvet Brussels and now Velvet Ibiza events, wants to apologise if you missed one truly epic party on the White Island. Sorry you missed one truly epic party! 

OlaGirls 2015 - a SoloGirl experience

OlaGirls is a such an incredibly well-organised event which does wonders for lesbian visibility and provides a safe, welcoming space to go on your own.

Ole Ole to Ola Girls

Ola Girls is an extremely well organised and produced affair, and outstanding value for money. With accommodation options to suit all budgets and travel preferences (from self catered sharing apartments to 4* luxury hotels), and with so much included in the festival ticket pack, it is possible not to spend any further cash once you arrive. With acommodation and party packs from as little as €150 for one night (or activities only passes at €99) the festival is very accessible to all. 

Ta Da - L Fest Del Mar!

A festival ticket for £99; a week accommodation with 5 friends only £60 each and flights around £100. We are talking a week's holiday AND a festival AND a beach full of lesbians for just £259!



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