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Event Review: Pout at the Directors Lounge

So, this month POUT from Elaine at The Glass Bar moved to a plush new venue. Given that I hadn't had a good old dance in a while, and I wanted to celebrate dropping a few kilos, this was just too good an opportunity to miss.

Event Review: DIVA After Dark

The first DIVA After Dark pop up was a huge success, so when the super talented Saski got in touch to say she was hosting the October pop up, I was excited because Saski is a talented host.

Bristol Pride - the lesbian guide

This year Planet Nation is heading west to Bristol for Bristol Pride!

There have been so many new nights that are queer and women-friendly that we just had to check out what made this place so fabulously friendly for us women... so our road trip is on!

Luscious Licks back into action!

Have you heard of Luscious? It has been around on the LBQ scene for a few years; although more recently has been on a short hiatus. Well it is back!!!

Open Mic Night at The Old Crown

The next event to be arranged at The Old Crown is an open mic event on Friday 18 March. The Old Crown is an amazingly homely venue and the perfect space to enjoy a wealth of music from emerging artists in our community.

Lighting up LBQ Life

Last month I happened to stumble upon Silvia who got in touch about a pub in North London that was looking to start providing a social space for LBQ women. So I arranged to meet Silvia at The Old Crown in Highgate to find out more. Prepare to be excited!

Shots with Anna... coming to an event near you!

Isn't it fun how you always read reviews post event? What if there was a live stream that you could follow on Twitter about what's going on and where the action is? Selfies, shots and all things fun included!

New Year, New You? Start off with a party!

Another New Year is creeping up on us... so we let you know what is on in the big City... where will you be going?

Queerest of Queer Party -­ launch night review

With this programme being a delightful collaboration between the Queer Embassy (Maria Kinsella and Alfonse Debonair), Wotever World (Ingo Cando) and the Meth Lab, this new club night showcasing the best of queer talent is definitely one to keep an eye out for.

Dolls House – DJ Lady Lola at Bar Titania

If you like house music but prefer a chilled bar where you can enjoy conversation or a game of pool and a delicious cocktail, this event may be for you.

Lauryn Redding live at Chick Habit – Review and Q&A

Last Thursday she was back in Soho, this time playing at SHE, and better than ever.  She seemed relaxed and calm as she took to the stage, as if playing for friends in her own front room.  Lauryn has an earthy voice and northern charm which had the room captivated by the end of the first song.

Labels Acoustic sessions with Jade Ellis and The Trails

The acoustics of the venue providing the perfect space for this Labels Acoustic session, as Jade Ellis' unique silky sublime voice resonated around us - and this was before the gig had even started.

Facebook freezing us out

For the second time this week I have seen a rather worrying post - people who used to be able to reach their customers struggling to do so. So what has happened and how does this effect you as an LBQ woman who uses Facebook?

Bridging the gap of women's events in South West London

Hosted in Del Aziz, a ground floor restaurant, is a little known but seductive downstairs bar space called the Zahra Bar. As a change from what the LBQ scene has come to expect; although a lower level space, there is disabled access (albeit via the service entrance around the back - still a massive improvement on many spaces used by the LBQ community).

Killjoy's Kastle - A Lesbian Feminist Haunted House and a grave deal!

In the space between NFT2 and the ticket area, tucked away in the corner, a reconstruction of Creep Lez from Toronto in Canada.


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