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Event Review: ClexaCon London

Clexacon is a fairly new lesbian film and media convention that launched in Vegas in 2016, and has decided to host an event in London. The inaugural Clexacon London took place over 3 and 4 November 2018 in London.

Review of Read my Lips in Bristol

What a cracking night!

I went with my exhausted self (I’d been moving house all day) to check out the debut of Read my Lips at the Old Market Assembly, wondering how I’d stay awake long enough to take it all in.

Lesbians Wot Lunch

A Stonewall Season fundraiser for lesbians of all descriptions that can't be arsed to put a going out outfit on and go into Soho. Come to a super gay friendly pub, bring your dog/kids/wife, eat lunch and be entertained by a lesbian performer, a quiz and a raffle with some fab prizes.

10 years and still a great party at MINT!

Thoroughly enjoyed this event.

It was in an idyllic venue in London where many gathered sipping summer cocktails on the rooftop of the Century Club on a Sunny evening.

Southbank Surfing still Smokin'

Southbank Surfing is one of the oldest events on the calendar in London - and it is still going strong

Worship Aphrodyki and join us in paradise

It was dark. It was hot. Ash brought a game - mini assignments on pieces of paper that will get you meeting new people. Go to someone and tell them they are hot, one read. Shout out I'm the toilet queue, read another. See what happens!

A Moment of Sappho-Searching With...Wegan: Power Couple on all things love, dating & THE launch party to end all launch parties

Lezbehonest, finding femmes ain't always easy.

I'll be the first to raise my hand and say the search for lipstick-love isn't a ride in the park at the best of times...

I mean, most nights you're in better luck of spotting a unicorn on a full moon, playing Scrabble. Yes, Scrabble.

But, fear fellow lady-lovers... YouTubers, Megan Evans and Whitney Bacon - collaboratively known as Wegan -  are here to make our love lives that the incy bit easier.

Dakota performing live at MUSE Soho

A chance to get up close and personal with Dakota, newly a London resident EDM/House vocalist, having lived here for the past year Dakota has become familiar with the term ‘Studio Life’ & gigging all around the UK.

New night GIRLS is a hit!

All music played was by Girls: girl-bands, women-fronted bands, female and female artists of various persuasions.

Find your shelter

Hate the end of the weekend and wish it was longer? 

Looking for a distraction from the washing and chores that Sunday normally brings? Guess what, new event Love Shelter is just what you want!

Mind, Body and Soul Food Sunday

I tried the jerk chicken drumstick; the curried mutton; the macaroni cheese; the fried chicken wings; the coleslaw and the salt fish fritters. Ok, so I tried it all! It was amazing and reminded me of the food my ex-girlfriend’s mother used to make on a Sunday. A very typical Caribbean feast and well worth every penny. 

Pout Again: At the Exhibit

Pout’s new location took place at the funky 3 storey bar in Balham, known as the Exhibit. Great transport links, from buses, trains and tubes to access venue. 

Down and Dirty @ Downgirls WC2 #MingeTwinge

Hot on the heels of its North London success, the monthly DownGirls event has found a new home in bar far a more Central locations and continues right where it left off... bringing a huge dose of its trademark #mingetwinge to Bar Titania on the last Friday of the month.

Oh Boi, Oh Boi... BoiBox turns 1 at SHE

Name one other place where you will find birthday cake, spin the bottle, strip poker, 7 minutes of heaven, a constant stream of live acts, and innuendo... no, well thankfully Boi Box had just that.

EXCLUSIVE Lucy Spraggan Interview @ Pride in London

After an epic pheasant-plucking quest, we finally had the chance to catch up with fan favourite and Ultimate Planet Community Award winner Lucy Spraggan in person at this year's Pride in London - and she did not disappoint!


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