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Review of Fanny Fun by M Cassol

Fanny Fun is exactly what it says on the tin – A big lesbian drama in a small straight world. The book is all about connections and how our decisions, no matter how tiny can have an impact on the world around us and how the connections we make, make us realise just how tiny a world we live in.

The Dance by Suzie Carr

Wow, my first thoughts when I finished this book. It centres around two main characters, Jacky and Sophie, who suffer a tragic loss very early on in the story. This book is about so much more than loss, it’s also about love, friendship, forgiveness, animals, nature and bee’s, there are lots of bee’s.

The Strange Adventures of Mavis Street by Karen Campbell

This book had me both laughing and crying and everything else in between and there were definitely a few tears at the end. Another great piece of writing and I can't wait to see what Karen has in store for us next.

How to Love by Sally Edwards

This novella is written from the perspective of Charlie a young lesbian in a wheelchair and is about her life as she comes out to her parents and then goes to university. I really enjoyed the characters in the book especially the friendship between Charlie and Stella. 

'The Long Weekend' by Clare Lydon

"Clare Lydon's second novel sets out her stall as a fixture in the modern lesbian lit canon.

Demonstrating all the maturity and development one might anticipate in a second novel, with plenty of romance, sex, tension and lesbian drama to boot."

After Mrs Hamilton by Clare Ashton

This book is intriguing, compelling and worthy of serious attention when reading, otherwise you might get confused by the various twists and turns. It builds towards a wonderfully satisfying ending which made this reader very glad she persevered and compelled to read it again! 

"That Certain Something" by Clare Ashton

With a highly likeable protagonist in Pia, plus a hot chemistry that comes across very well on the page, That Certain Something is an extremely readable love tale, with a hint of Pride and Prejudice channeled through the 'Bennet' magazine name. 

"When you Know" by Kiki Archer

This is the sequel to Archer's recent One Foot Onto the Ice, picking up almost immediately after where the first novel left off, however with the twist that this novel is set back in England, and for much of the time Jenna and Susan are long distance.

'Say Something' by Jade Winters

This book explores some intense experiences of classroom bullying, emotional abuse, familial death and some of the possible consequences of these, through the developing relationship of Jessie and Toni, who are drawn together in a way neither can ignore. 

Little Whispers (Short Story collection) by Karen Campbell

This lovely collection of short stories combines heart with a range of interesting characters, and a common thread of fond retrospect. A few are picked out below...

'Jess' by Pauline George

Set in Croydon this book is a welcome addition to lesbian fiction from the UK. The author tells a good story, keeps you interested in the characters which keeps you reading because you want to know whats happens next. 

Moon Chilled by Caitlin Ricci

Moon Chilled is a story of two werewolf mates, Shae & Maiki. Shae leaves the pack when she is 13 years old; she’s had enough of being abused by the alpha.

A Map of Everything by Elizabeth Earley

A Map of Everything is literally what it says on the tin (or the book cover in this case), it is a map (or a novel) about everything: love, tragedy, despair, complex family, and personal, relationships and personal transformation. The story follows a family through their ups and downs, good times & bad after one very wet day changed their lives forever. 

True Nature by Jae

True Nature by Jae is a supernatural lesbian romance that will immerse you in the Wrasa’s universe, where you’ll learn about shape-shifting wolves, foxes, and lions as well as their strong passions and fears. But the book is mainly about love and how it can overcome differences.

See Right Through Me by LT Smith

See Right Through Me by L.T. Smith is the book you’re looking for if you want to have a great time and laughter with an entertaining lesbian romance. It’s perfect for a holiday when you just want to relax and forget everything but the magic of love at first sight and read about human doubts and insecurities that can ruin everything.


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