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#ShesInLondon - Lauren on Hana (and Hana on everyone else... )

Lauren gets steamy talking about Hana and her suitcase...

#She's in London...introducing Kerry Leigh as JILL

The lowdown on behind the scenes gossip from Kerry Leigh (Jill).


Clare Hopes gets into the hotseat with our exclusive Q&A... plus some on camera interviews from Clare and her #ShesInLondon alter ego MEL

#ShesInLondon... introducing THEO

MIRI gets into the hotseat with our exclusive Q&A... plus some on camera interviews from MIRI and her #ShesInLondon alter ego THEO

Easy Abby Season 2

Comedy series about the love affairs and adventures of a queer girl who can't get enough of either.

Exclusive: First look at episode names for 'She's in London'

From Planet M Productions and coming very soon to 'She's in London' will be the LBQ web series that everyone's talking about. 

OUT the web series news

Out is a web series (created by Emmalie El Fadli) that handles the disturbingly ever-present issue of homophobia in schools and the challenges of coming out. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the pilot is ready and coming your way!

Get purring for "Kittens in a Cage"

A special blend of online goodness, comedy, drama, musicality and high production values take Jillian Armenante's new webseries offering Kittens in a Cage all the way to town and back.

Connecting with the writers & stars of #Hashtag

With a series that contains references to pretty much all the social media on offer, including a brilliant argument with Siri, a Vine viral sensation, swiping on Tinder and much more (probably one or two references that went straight over this writer's "down with the kids" head) what could be more fitting than three-way Skype call to talk about the web series? 

#Hashtag online - season 2 is here!

tellofilms, the prolific creator of quality lesbian and queer content, proudly presents the second season of the popular web series “#Hashtag.”

#Hashtag Returns!

#Hashtag Series 2 is coming soon!

OUTrageous web series

OUTrageous is a reality web-series, that will start off following the daily lives of 5 dynamic women from the Los Angeles LBGTQ community

"Starting From...Now!" Ready, Steady... Season 2 finale out on Tuesday

The brain child of award winning writer/director, Julie Kalceff, Starting From...Now, is a six part, two season dramatic Australian lesbian web series, with a third season currently in development fans will be pleased to hear. 

“Dyke Central” the queer, Bay Area based web series needs our help

Dyke Central, the SF Bay Area-based queer series touted for the diversity of its cast and relatability of its characters, released its 23-minute Episode 2, “Taboo”, Sunday June 1st on YouTube, which we got to see at this year's Dinah Shore weekend.

Second Shot @ LFest - episodes 1,2,3

Saturday morning Uttoxeter racecourse, the summer sun shining brightly, outside the designated screening room, Ladies of all shapes and sizes are congregating. A simple chalk board displaying the reason for the looks of excited expectation painted on the faces of the growing crowd. 

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